Ain’t Dat-a Bitch

Regarding the fact that I haven’t been posting much lately: blame my internet connection.

Or rather… Blame the fact that I ran out of data ~2 days ago. On Tuesday the internet was being weird and disconnecting me frequently — which was manageable, because it’s not the strongest connection. You could even say it was to be expected.

Yesterday, however, I completely ran out of Data.

Regarding Data, I didn’t even know that I had a limit, because I usually have the unlimited-data plan for whichever service I choose… I guess when moving to the new apartment it wasn’t so. Thus the punny title for this post.

Of course, without internet I couldn’t MTL or tell anyone why I hadn’t said much… So I’m currently at a local library leeching off of their connection until I can change the internet plan.

So there’s my excuse for not posting… But then again, I don’t need to justify anything because I have no schedule to begin with. I could be monthly for everything, y’know? Or maybe even yearly… Oh the humanity!

But I won’t. Probably.

Anyways. Before my internet completely shut down I managed to scrape up the last part of Gentle Demon V1C8 (I had to reset my machines like… 3 times each for them to grasp that 3-second connection after resetting the router), so that’ll be released after I’ve edited it.


7 thoughts on “Ain’t Dat-a Bitch”

  1. How long does it take you to MTL a chapter? I’ve heard some people say an hour or so but I never asked. If it doesn’t take long maybe I could help out because I’m really liking Tale of a gentle demon.


    1. Honestly, it depends on the chapter, and the difficulty of the chapter.

      For Gentle Demon… It takes me ~6-9 hours for one, I’d think?

      I dunno. I don’t exactly time it.

      My MTL time might be a bit long because I’m inexperienced, and I also don’t really know Japanese like… At all.

      There’s also the fact that I take a lot of breaks so I don’t burn myself out…

      As for helping… I’m not really a dedicated translator, I’m just doing this ’till someone else picks it up. So *shrug*


      1. I also don’t know Japanese and will be using MTL. I take a rather loose approach while translating which is why I wanted to help rather then take over, so I can see someone else’s work.

        How do you do it? Are you close to the translation as possible or do you rewrite the sentence?

        Sorry about all the question. I’m just admiring people who work on this stuff and seeing how I should go about it.


        1. Hmm. I suppose my approach could be called loose-ish.

          I use a bunch of online translators (7) and two dictionaries while translating for the sake of accuracy; the online translators can give me a rough grasp of what the sentence looks like (most of the time), and anything else is usually cleared up with the dictionaries.

          In the case that I use both types and the raw STILL doesn’t make sense, I go forward a bit and judge by the context.

          If it’s still incomprehensible, I separate the characters into words and translate them one by one. Japanese sentence-orders turn out a bit odd after doing that, but I just rearrange them in whatever form makes sense at that point. It’s better than keeping them untranslated after all!

          As for how close I am to the raws: I try to stay as close as possible. There’re times when Japanese is a bit vague, or times when English can’t match up to the “feeling” given off by the raws, so in those cases, I make minor modifications while keeping the translation close to the context & raw.

          Usually, in cases like that I leave a footnote.

          All in all, it’s tedious work.

          Really, really tedious.

          I don’t really mind though. So long as I can read the finished product, I’ll be alright!

          As for admiration… I wouldn’t recommend looking up to me. Like… At all~

          I’m selfishly doing this at my own pace, after all.


          1. As this is my first time diving into MTL, I feel that just taking the time and reading ahead then going back and forth is really admirable. 4 hours in and I’m just raging at the number of times I see Albertine name in 1-9.

            So, thanks, yo!


  2. *Calls Jhone Ciner!* Mr Jhone Ciner, i have a mission for you to kick the internet companies behind for MT Sensei as the internet rounter provided was a pain for him, there will aslo be your intro music playing as you kick their butts! Ps: thanks for your hard work!


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