Chapter 9: I Became a Saint

Just a comment here… I hadn’t noticed before because I’m using the Translation Assistant Tool, but the Author actually writes Katakana (I THINK that’s Katakana… But eh) over certain stuff — probably to clarify the meaning.

In TL Assistant, it plops the Katakana overhead into the line I’m translating, so it ends up repeating stuff… For example, the chant for the Light Spell Yuru uses this chapter AND C6 is: 光在れ with ひかりあ over “光在” and れ all alone. In TL Assistant, that becomes “光在ひかりあれ”.

As for the real translation of that, it’s “Let there be Light”

The stuff on top is supposedly the “Readings” made by the author, as pointed out by Estelion in my forum post. I didn’t know what they meant by “readings” ’till now… But now it’s clear.

From now on, I’ll make sure to pay attention to the readings in the chapter — I’ll be using the Katakana overhead as the translation in order to be as accurate as possible. Respective changes have been made to the previous chapters as well (which consists only of the “Let there be Light” example from before).

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Author’s Note:
Once again, the theme of this work is 『Love』. It’s the truth.

There’re cruel depictions again this chapter. Human readers, please take notice. [1].

In the end, four people were taken. We children were put into a basement of sorts, but Elea was taken elsewhere. In other words, there weren’t any particular problems.
In the large basement there’re dozens of… Commoners?

… Well, anyways, since other children were captured my plan was already done for.

But I’m calm. My heart is already satisfied.

「…… Yuru-sama…」

Shelly’s grasping onto my dress out of anxiety. …… Why are you over here?

「…… Fuun.」

Even though he’s acting tough, Rick’s legs are shaking like a newborn fawn. Fufufu. Rick, you… Why’re you sticking so closely to young ladies who’re only 7 and 4 years old?

It’s times like these that I remember that I’m a Demon.

The soul of a Demon, and the spirit of a Human[2]. The spirit and heart are roughly the same, but there’s a slight difference. Because the 『Me』 from that world of dreams passed on their memories, I’ve come to the understanding that their spiritual strength was high. Of course, thinking about it like that only makes me think that this situation is all the more frightening. Demons are to live in the Spirit World. Living here, my Spirit is being worn down constantly, and for my Demon soul to grow properly I require the souls of others.

And now, before my eyes, are a number of injured children.

Not given enough food, the children don’t even have the power to cry. Their eyes are vacant and without hope, perhaps due to assault. Without treatment, these children will most likely die.

In front of these children, I feel neither 『Anger』 nor 『Pity』. I…… Instead, I have a profound 『Affection』 towards the children.

…… Hey, isn’t that funny?

I’m not feeling compassionate, despite it sounding that way. Facing the suffering and wounded children, I find beauty and satisfaction… Just what kind of pervert…?

…… Eh?

「…… That child……」
「… Yuru-sama……?」

My eyes are drawn to a child who lays unmoving amongst several children.

「That child…… Wishes to die…」

Just as those words leave my mouth, my feet begin to walk. Probably because I forgot to give my usual smile, the wounded children clear my path out of『Fear』.

When I approach, the children separate from the child out of fright. To the『Child who wishes to die』 I quietly approach and bend down on one knee.

「You…… Is it hard to live?」

There are signs of breath being held all around with my words.

The child looks at me…… And leaks out words which becomes nothing but a hoarse *HyuuHyuu*. But their vacant eyes say:『I want and end to this suffering…… I wish to be at peace…』

「…… That’s no good.」

Touching the child’s cheek softly, I let out those cold words. At the same time, they flow into me……

The child’s 『Pain』 and 『Despair』 satisfies my heart.

Aah…… Human beings are such lovely creatures.

Such a small child… For such a small body and spirit to have such 『Sweet Nectar』.

「Even if it’s painful, you must live…… That is the fate of humanity.」

They must live their short lives as best they can. They will suffer and grieve… But they must still live.

Wishing to die so easily…… As a『Demon』I will not permit it.

「…『Let there be Light』…」

A dazzling light is emitted with me at the center, and wraps gently around the child. My『Feelings』become the power of the spell, and healing magic is sent out.

At that time… I noticed.

For the first time, I realized why I could only use Magic directly, and couldn’t use ordinary magic.  It should have been obvious…… It’s because the usage of Magic between Demons and Humans is different.

If I was『There』I would be fine.

「…… Life is a blessing to all!」

Now, let my curse be born.  A curse warped into a blessing. May your life be filled with pain……

With that, I have the feeling that my other spirit was released at last. With my『Spirit』unleashed, the entire basement was filled with light. This is the magic of a Demon, embodying the Spirit of Light which lacks a will and taking the form of an infinite host of『Angels』.

When the light embodying the form of feathers heals all the children the remnants of light vanish, much like white snow melting away……


I really did it…… I went too far. …… I need to reflect on my behavior.

A heavy silence descends upon the room. When I peeped to the side, I found that all of the children’s eyes were excellently concentrated. They’re either stupefied, dumbfounded, or both.

W-Well. What to do…?

While I’m thinking about that, the child who was half-dead… Now a pretty boy, stares at me with red cheeks and kneels in place quietly.

「… Thank you…… Saint-sama……」

………………………… Eh?

The voices of other children reach my ears, and many of them begin to kneel one after another. They then bring their hands together and start praying to me.

……… Ehhhhhhhhhh? Me, a Saint-sama…… But…… I’m a Demon?


「Albertine…… It was you…」

A couple of walls further away, there was a large room with only unrefined pillars as it décor. This was where Eleanor found herself confronted by Albertine.

「That’s correct. Eleanor-sama, it’s been a long time… Even though it’s not to the extent that it bears mention.」

The two had been classmates in the Industry of Magic, neither of which had friends. They were famous as the『Two Beautiful Flowers of the Academy』, so their faces and names were well known.

However, when the two met again their positions were different.

Albertine tried all she could to obtain what she wanted, but couldn’t succeed.
Eleanor demanded nothing, but obtained everything she wished.

She wanted it all. [3]

A position worthy of honor and praise…… And the heart of the man she loved.

「Albertine… Why have you done such a thing…?」
「…… You wouldn’t be able to understand.」

Albertine lowered her eyes after letting out such words…… But she then adjusted her sight, and returned to her original gaze of brilliant arrogance.

「Well…… I’ll teach you a little. I’ll be taking everything away from you. But of course, I don’t need anything sullied with your hands. After taking everything I desire, I’ll pass the rest of the stage to your husband.」

Noticing what she meant, Eleanor’s eyes opened wide.

「…… My God… You know that it’s your fault from the beginning, don’t you?!」
「Certainly not…… Because he won’t look at me if I don’t do such a thing, I must……」
「……… You…」

Eleanor remained stunned while Albertine gave a command to one of her subordinates. She then started moving to another room.

Wait, Albertine!」
「Now then. Eleanor-sama. I’ll show you a world in which all of that is special to you is broken.」

Listening to her voice as she moves away, Albertine’s heart was healed ever so slightly.
However…… It still wasn’t enough.

「Marquis Brunnow, how are the preparations…?」

Moving back to the depths of the basement, Albertine called out to a nobleman who worked as a scholar and knight; a noble with delicate features whose age was in his mid-30’s.

「Your appearance is beautiful as always, Albertine-sama. And, of course, the preparations have been finished.」

After saying such, Marquis Brunnow kissed the back of Albertine’s hand gently.

It would be hard to tell based off of his appearance, but Marquis Brunnow was a General of the Kingdom’s military — one of the best, who personally taken command when a war started with a neighboring country.

「And as for its finished condition?」
「Right this way.」

Marquis Brunnow took Albertine’s hand, and when she shifted her gaze she saw a large Summoning Magic formation capable of dwarfing an entire mansion.

Looking there, Albertine knew.

「As you know, its size is approximately equal to the case four years ago. With the formation provided by Albertine-sama, we can summon a Greater Demon. Consecutive summoning will be possible so long as the number of bodies provided are adequate.」

Moreover, it would work so long as Magic Power was fueled by the practitioner…… In other words, a strong individual could be drawn out if a large amount of Magic Power was forced through. …… It was a great improvement compared to the previous formation.

「Then, how will we find an individual superior to the Demon…?」

The Marquis made a sad, difficult face in response to Albertine’s question.

In terms of war potential, several hundred Greater Demons were equivalent to tens of thousands of soldiers. However, even in the neighboring countries individuals capable of summoning Greater Demons were scarce — they’d need to be individuals capable of calling upon Intermediate Spirits at minimum. Furthermore, even then profitable results weren’t guaranteed.

From the start this experiment was put in place to summon an individual higher than a Greater Demon. Thus, they had intentionally prepared 50 children as sacrifices, even if it would only summon one creature.

A【Greater Spirit】equal in power to a natural disaster, a Demon at the top of its species…… An【Archdemon】.

When such a being manifests in the world, it was said to appear with a human figure in old nobles’ clothing, cloaked in a sinister atmosphere.

「It’s displeasing…… But if we can call upon that……」
「Yes…… I can remember it all too well.」

The Demon Summoning case that had taken place four years ago. At that time, Marquis Brunnow was a commanding Officer for their subjugation. Albertine had also participated as an observer of the Institute of Magic.

These two people witnessed the presence of that.

Possessing a beauty like that of a messenger of the Gods, it was a lovely golden Cat……
With golden bat-like wings on its back, it was a special high ranking Demon… The 【Golden Beast】……

Only a very small number of people had noticed that hidden within its small body, a terrifying amount of Magic Power was stored…… It was a beautiful golden Demon which couldn’t even be compared to the likes of Greater Demons.

It was announced by the Church that it no longer existed on this world, but these two people were fascinated by its beauty; so much so that they still strongly hope that it could materialize once again.

They were charmed by the Demon, and gained faith……

「…… For the time being, shall we attempt to test it and summon a Greater Demon, then adjust it over a year to call upon that individual…? If it’s that, then a number of sacrifices will be required.」
「That is so, isn’t it……」

Albertine thought for a moment.

The reason she had detained Eleanor was because she didn’t wish to let her, who can use Magic, disturb the last stage of the experiment. Her son… Luderick. She wanted to sacrifice him in front of her if possible.

「One child…… There’s only one child with a potent amount of Magic Power running in their『blood』. I wonder if that child could complete the sacrifice alone…」

「That girl…… Is it?」

Zumana asked Albertine again unintentionally after he heard that she intended for the child to be the first to be sacrificed for a Trial Experiment.

「I’m sorry…」
「No, it is alright. But it is certainly earlier than expected…」

Across the room where the children were confined, Albertine gave a composed nod.

The original plan was to have Luderick possessed by a lower ranked Demon. At best, the Demon would be able to mimic Luderick as much as possible, as to crush the spirit of Albertine’s opponent. And so, it wasn’t at all necessary to conduct a trial using that girl with the same『Blood』as a sacrifice.

「I want to know how strong a Demon will be summoned using an individual with strong 『Blood』…… That is all.」
「… Yes.」

But that’s probably not the only reason…… Or so thought Zumana.

After her conversation with Eleanor, Albertine was lacking peace of mind.

To the child of the woman loved by her husband, a child whose Father would throw everything away for his daughter. To the child who was loved by everyone around them, Zumana understood that Albertine would harbor complicated feelings.

The presence of such a child disturbed Albertine’s peace of mind, and caused her to fear them subconsciously……

That little girl was mysterious, even to Zumana.

In front of thieves announcing their objective of kidnapping, she had remained unfrightened despite being so young. Then, in a dignified manner, she had demanded…… No, she had negotiated.

Zumana had though that her『Blood』must have been strong when he witnessed such a thing. Even with children like Luderick around, Zumana had still thought that her『Blood』was particularly strong.

Furthermore…… She had been so beautiful it was intimidating. It was to the extent that it was hard to imagine she was even human. Despite their aim, some of the Knights who assisted in the raid had knelt out of fascination.

For Zumana, however, it didn’t matter.

Albertine is the master of Zumana, and so her word is absolute. Zumana loved Albertine, and Albertine alone…… Not only her beauty, but her pride and and strength as well…… She occasionally shows a lonely expression…… He loved her weakness as well.

Even after he knew that Albertine was the one who caused the decline of his household……

「…… This is…?」

Albertine’s eyes are opened wide when she approaches the room confining the children.
It was a strange sight.

Dazzling light leaked from the gap in the closed door. The light became『Feathers』as it danced towards the floor, only to vanish once it reached the ground.

「How is this……」

That『Light』was recognized by Albertine.

It was Holy Magic. It was the Holy Light Magic showed only once by the Pope in the Imperial Capital.

It was a『Blessing』that Priests used to grant healing, divine protection, and ward off evil.
The Pope had showed the spell『Group Blessing』, which grants the spell’s effects for multiple people. As for the number of people who could use such a spell, there would only be ten-odd people on the continent.

「Zumana, the key!」

Impatiently unlocking the door, Albertine entered the room and witnessed not the scene of hurt and frightened children; children who had abandoned all hope. Instead, she sees the figure of a『Saint』in the form of a little girl granting healing to the children, and prayed to in return.


Ahh~ what a surprise.

Of course I would be surprised when a beautiful woman with red hair breaks into the room all of a sudden. She had an amazingly scary face as she caught my arm and attempted to rush out of the room, but… Not only Shelly and Rick, all of the children insisted on accompanying me. Really terrifying.

Geez…… Even though I went out of my way and healed them so that they’d be hurt again.

When I soothed them and managed to get out of the room I heard sobbing and sorrowful cries coming from the room. What should be done about this situation…?

I was labeled as『Saint-sama』by the children…… It’s very embarrassing.

「Hurry up and walk.」

Painful, painful! My arm was grasped tightly when I answered in a non-serious manner. That’s right. A normal child should be frightened in this situation, wouldn’t they?

While imitating Shelly’s frightened attitude, I follow behind the beautiful woman. From the onii-san who’s also walking with us, I can continuously feel a dubious gaze.

I should really behave more like a human from now on…

After a short walk down a corridor, we reach a room that’s even larger than the last one.
What’s with the construction techniques in this world? Tattered columns scattered around like this makes me think that the ceiling will simply collapse in the near future…

「You…… Are you Riasteia’s[4] child…?」
「…… Un.」

Is this person a friend of Mother’s too? U~mm…… No, it’s slightly different I think. When she said Mother’s name, I saw a great deal of feelings swirling about. She’s calmed down from a while ago, but she’s still irritated.

All of a sudden, the beautiful woman crouches before me and stares into my eyes with a forced『Smile』directed at me. It’s scary.

「You…… What’s your name?」
「… Yuurushia[5].」
「I see…… Can you use Holy Magic…?」
「… Un.」
「Where did you learn that magic from a while ago…?」

The Magic from a while ago…? It’s just the Holy Magic Vio taught me, so it’s not all that special. Was using that Magic in such a showy way uncommon…?

When I incline my head with a『I’m a child, I don’t understand』look, the beautiful woman sighs.

「…… Well, it’s alright. I’ll teach you what’s going to happen to you in a little while, Yurushia[6]… 」
「I had intended to have you possessed by a Demon, but if you can use Holy Magic… I’m considering doing an experiment.」
「…… Un?」
「First, shall we cut off your arm with a knife? After that, I’ll have you cure yourself, alright?」

…… Eh?

「After that we’ll try the feet. If you don’t heal quickly, you’ll bleed out, so do your best. Afterwards, should we see how many needles can be stuck into you…? Even if it’s cured, because the needles will be embedded, it’ll remain painful I think.」


「If you run out of Magic, letting you be possessed by a Lower Demon would be fine, right? You won’t be able to resist as your hands and feet become warped and hair and scales grow out.」

While the beautiful woman says such unpleasant things, her heart seems to go into a strange direction as she gently touches my cheek with a flushed face. All the while she has a lonesome gaze.

「Your eyes… How beautiful. They look just like your Father’s…… I fell in love… With those eyes. When I was a child…… I fell in love the first time we met.
…… I loved him… I still do, but… I’ve only said unpleasant things.
I thought…… I thought that if I waited, he would eventually be mine. That would have been the best for both our families…… But next to that man…… There was always your Mother………」

Her white fingers grasp my neck gently.

「…… That woman… I hated her. I didn’t even want to look at her.
…… At the Institute… I had witnessed all of her faults…… He was mine, until his elder brother got in the way… We had cooperated at first…… But so long as there’re obstructions, that man’s heart won’t be mine…… So you… If you disappear……」

This seems like the story of『A Girl who can’t be honest with the one she loves』……

I don’t think she wanted to tell me this story, either. Most likely, she’s only telling me because I’m the child of a woman she hates — furthermore, one she plans to kill…… But I want to speak.

Was there anyone of the same sex that this person could consult…? If they just had someone to listen to…… Then maybe she could be a bit more honest……


While she tightens her grip around my neck…… I touch her trembling hands and smile calmly.

I see her eyes shake for a moment, and even though she hadn’t seemed to notice them, I wiped the tears rolling down her face with my fingers.

「…… What… Are……」

Confusion floats within her eyes as she and I gaze at one another. Her harsh glance withers away little by as I clean off the tears from her cheeks…… Finally, I gently wrap my hands around her.

The Hearts of Humanity are…… Fragile… Sorrowful…… And Beautiful.

For such deep affection to turn into pain and hatred… I hold her in my arms gently, gently.
Those feelings… They’re lovely……

These feelings…… Drive me mad.

「……… Bad person.」
「……… Eh…?」

This Demon is starved for love.

And so…… She’s a bad person……… For hiding such sweet nectar……

「…… Thank you for the meal.」


To her neck, I kindly… Gently broke it.

Author’s Note:
Because work is going to be busy starting tomorrow, large posts will be difficult.
My plan is to post the next chapter tomorrow night for now.

Many thanks to those who bookmarked this.

[1] Just human readers, though. Demons can read without a care in the world. 人間の読者様はご注意ください。

[2] The Author uses two different terms here, both of which are quite similar in meaning. The first (the Demon part) is 精神, which is “mind/soul/heart/spirit/intention”. The second (the Human part) is 心, which is “heart/mind/spirit/vitality/inner strength”. Their uses will be elaborated by the author, but essentially they’re using the former as “Spirit” and the latter as “Spirit” — as in “willpower”. I’ll be keeping it that way to preserve the integrity of the following lines, at least.

[3] It doesn’t indicate who, but judging by the context this line is referring to Albertine. すべてが欲しかった。

[4] Translated by the previous TL as “Riastea”. If you use a text ⟶ sound thingy “リアステア” makes “Ria”-“stay”-“ah”. Thus, I’ve made the “ei” sound more pronounced as opposed to “ea”.

[5] The Author used a different spelling here: “ゆーるしあ” (this one) as opposed to “ユールシア” (the one she’s used until this point), so I added an extra “u”.

[6] Regular spelling is used here.

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