Chapter 7: Making Friends

Just so you’re aware, I’ve gone through the previous chapter and made revisions to any mentions of “Demons” in according to the information I learned and put on this post here. Surprisingly, there weren’t many changes — probably only three, I think.

I’ll be using “Demon” for 悪魔, probably something like “Fiend” for 魔神, “Demonic” for 魔族, and “Monster” for 魔物 from now on, just so you’re aware that there’s a subtle difference. The details of each can be found on a certain comment thread on V1C5, and such details have been given in the link sited previously.

Now then, chapter! (Sooner than expected!)

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Author’s Note:
It might be a little late, but the theme of this work is 『Love』. I’m not kidding.

Several months have passed since that disgusting unidentified-insect case, and I’ll become 4 years old in ~2-3 months.

During the time of the incident, I was kind of depressed, because I had made so many people worried… But now I’m fine. My body and heart have become considerably grown up.

For now, the use of Summoning Magic is sealed. I’ll study solely Magic Formations.

Also because of the incident, Father became very busy and didn’t visit for about 2 months. When Father suddenly returned, just as I was about to sate my cat-like desires, he abruptly invited me to a tea party.

A tea party? Why? Up until now I’ve only conversed with about 10 people — I’m a pure-bred shut-in.

「There’re many children around the same age as Yurushia who’ll be going to the tea party.」

In other words, because the fact that I’ve only ever met adults is worrying, this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce some friend candidates…… But how exactly do I play with children?

If only for the sake of keeping Father from losing face, I decided to attend.


For that reason, I’m now being jolted around in a carriage.

Of course, my seat is on the knee of my Father. Father, please do your best. I’ll probably continue sitting on your knee until I’m about 15 years old, after all.

Oh, aside from that half-serious joke, the tea party will be taking place in the Imperial Capital 3 days from now. It’ll take 2 days for us to arrive by carriage.
…… Why is the schedule so clogged up? What would have happened if I didn’t get on the carriage immediately?

Mother isn’t coming either…… Even though I wanted to see the Capital together as a family……

For the time being Vio and Fer have arrived instead.

As for the luggage, it was kept to a minimum. I wondered whether what I was wearing would be acceptable, but it seems that everything is prepared at the designation. Don’t only the wealthy do that sort of stuff?

Father, just what exactly is your work? Nobody’s ever brought up the subject, so to a 3-year-old, wouldn’t it be natural to be suspicious? I wonder if he’ll reveal it when I become 4?

Anyways, even if I had said that it’d take 2 days to arrive at the Imperial Capital, because we’re not moving along a forest, we aren’t camping out. That would be natural. Sleeping outdoors wouldn’t suit Father, after all.

Taking a road through the fields, we arrive at a town just before evening breaks. Didn’t we leave the house at noon? Was it really possible to arrived in the middle of the night simply due to perseverance?

And I’ll only be coming back about a week from now…… I’ve never been separated from Mother for more than half a day, so I’m a little anxious.

But I’m enjoying myself a little, too. Today I get to sleep together with Father, after all. Ufufu~

Because we’ve been passing through solely residential areas, I arrived uneventfully without being stalled by Bandits or the like.

Although, I don’t think there would have been a problem if we did meet any. There’re more than 10 Guards acting as our escort, as well as a Butler Ojii-chan[1], who’s been added as a new pampering personnel.

To everyone who earnestly protected a child like me, I gave my sincerest thanks. Ojii-chan started crying when I did so, though. Why? Is he perhaps emotionally unstable? I’ll pat him on the shoulder later.


Now then, it’s time for the tea party.

Apparently this is the common setup, with chairs and tables being set up within the huge garden in front of a mansion, an Orchestra playing in the background, a ridiculous amount of sweets, and the tea being prepared by Maids…… There’re only about 6 children attending.

Erm… Are these perhaps nobles? Is this what it’s like to live as a Noble-sama? Really, Father, what’s your job? Could it be that the Child of Father’s company President is present?

But as expected, none of the children would be from the company. They would be the sons and daughters of frequent customers instead. Otherwise, Father wouldn’t have needed to take me out on such a tight schedule.

But this…… Isn’t this dangerous? My actions could affect the success of my Father.

「… F-Father?」
「It’s alright, you can run along. Social position is irrelevant to this tea party.」

Even if you say that…… If your child isn’t sophisticated and acts freely, the President could treat it as a serious issue.

And so, I’ll brilliantly take the part of a maiden who’s been brought up with tender care.

「……… Umm…」

What should I do, exactly? Nobody’s approaching me.

Looking at the other children, there’re 2 Boys and 4 Girls. They aren’t the same age, but they all seem to be older than me.

Because the boys were speaking to one another, I approach the girls. As soon as they notice me, however, they freeze with their mouths hanging open.

Ah…… I’m being feared again……

Not only to Spirits and Sig-kun, even those around my age are afraid…… Even I would be startled if I saw an elaborate doll during the middle of the night.

Is it even possible to exchange greetings with things already flowing so terribly?

But it could be seen as rude if I come here and simply remain silent…


As to not be scary, at the last moment I gave a smile as fiercelessly as possible, pick up the hem of my bright green dress, and bow quietly. I then moved towards a slightly remote table.

「…… Fuu…」

So as to not let myself be heard, I breathe out a small breath.

I was extremely tense, so when I finally took a short breath the sound of the surroundings finally returned.

A Maid immediately comes and serves me tea and sweets. But, rather than being served, it’s more like it’s being piled in front of me into a mountain.

「T-Thank you…」
「N-No, it’s fine!」

Has my nervousness spread? I’m sorry. I wonder if it’s possible to return these sweets… Eh? It’s not? Perhaps if I hand it off to Fer she’d be able to finish it off?

The tea seems to be high-quality, and there isn’t a difference in temperatures at all. That must have been difficult.

When I look over at the children for an instant, I see that everyone’s eyes are fixed on me…… Ku, what a heavy atmosphere…… All of the conversations have stopped, too.

「……… U-Um…」

A pretty voice is heard. Oh? As I though such a thing, I turned towards the voice and found a lovely little girl staring back at me.

「……… Yes?」

Thinking that she’s spoken to me, I reply slowly as to not seem intimidating.

Uwaaー…… This child is really tense. She seems like the type of adorable child that would be afraid of talking to people.

「…… Um, it it’s alright, would you like to pick flowers with me over there…?」

Pick flowers…? It’s not some code for going to the toilet, but rather an earnest request to pick flowers. She’s quite a gentle child, huh… I was unable to remain indifferent to her invitation, and responded.

「Yes…… Let’s go.」
「… Alright.」

The child, which was relieved by my reply, laughed. Cute〜 With soft, fluffy blond hair like Mother’s, she has blue eyes like a doll — but in a different sense than my own.

When I tumbled slightly from getting off the chair, she panicked and quickly supported me.

「Thank you.」

Shaking her head with a *bunbun*, the girl starts walking while holding my hand. She seems like an older sister who’s taking care of a small child. Cute.

Actually, I wonder whether she noticed that I was feeble? But even if that’s the case, you don’t have to hug my arm…… I beg of you.

「I’m She…… My name is Shelly[2]. M-may I ask for your name as well…?」
「…? I’m Yurushia.」

Why honorific language? I wonder if she’s the daughter of an extremely good home or something? Even though it’s just a conversation between children, elders shouldn’t use honorific language to those younger than themselves, so please stop.

Incidentally, in a Noble’s way of thinking, shouldn’t I present my family name? Even if I think deeply, I can’t remember my full name, though. Well, I suppose it wouldn’t really be needed in a tea party without status restrictions, huh?

The flower garden was quite close to the table.

It’s rare for a flower garden to be covered with weeds like the Alpine flowers. But as for me, I prefer these. There’re also Roses, but they’re being firmly guarded by the Maids.

「Yurushia-sama, let’s make a corolla[3].」
「…… Y-Yurushia is fine, you know? Shelly-sama,」
「I understand, Yurushia-sama, then please just call me Shelly as well.」

This child didn’t understand at all……

Anything I say will be futile in this situation. Excluding Mother and Father, only strange people interact with me, so in a way I’ve become accustomed to such behaviors.

But in this case, instead of being a seriously strange person, it’s strange because she’s serious. [4]

「… Alright, Shelly then. Is this flower fine?」
「It is so, Yurushia-sama. Pluck the flowers like this…」

Un. I understand already. I give up. Even though this was supposed to be my first time with a friend, the stress accumulated from the surrounding nobles must be high. Because of that, I can’t complain about the cute child in front of me.

…… Is that really alright?

I make a Chaplet while being taught how by Shelly. Every time I did it clumsily, Shelly took my hand and made modifications.

Shelly is very friendly.

Grasping my hand, she shows a soft, warm smile.

And then a small *zaku* resounds. Looking up at the sound of grass being stepped on, we find the two boys walking towards us.

「Are they your friends, Shelly…?」
「N-no… That is…」

Certainly that wouldn’t be the case. Even if Shelly looked a little bit older than me, the boys seemed to be about 6 or 7 years old.

Shelly is tense…? Are they distinguished children? Or perhaps they’re simply scary? Or maybe they’re idiots. Either way, they’re terrible for making the cute Shelly frightened.

Thinking so, I intimidate them… By glaring. The boy who was walking in front momentarily stopped… But continued walking as if nothing happened.

Hoho, you’ve done well to withstand my eyes. You have my praise. I place the first tattered corolla that I made atop my head while thinking so.

「…… Are you Yurushia?」

The red-blonde boy asks so in a pompous manner. This brat……

「…… That is so, but–」
「I’ve heard of you…… From Uncle, that is.」

Uncle? Who’s that?

「Oi, look this way properly!」

All of a sudden, my arm was caught and the face of the boy was close when I looked up.

Bi〜shō〜nen [5]
… But he’s no good. A guy who can’t treat a girl kindly is no good. It’s no use if it’s just some brat. It has to be a calm, good-looking uncle.

When I glare at the boy, he shrinks up for an instant, but then glares back immediately. But since I’m being glared at by a child, I’m not afraーid. Ah, that’s right.

I plop the crown of flowers onto the boy’s head.

「You can have it.」

Wouldn’t that tattered crown be most suitable on head of the king of the mountain?

「…… You…」

To the boy who seems to want to say something, I incline my head as if to say 『I don’t understand』.

Retaining his pride as a boy, he doesn’t start a fight with a little girl, releases my hand, and turns away.

「Hey, let’s go.」

The other boy looks to him and I, and answers with a strange look. Just like an Yakuza boss[6] and his henchman.

With the corolla still on his head, the boy takes a few steps away, then stops abruptly.

「I’m Rick. It’ll be my Birthday the day after tomorrow. You’ll be coming, Yurushia.」
「… Eh? Wha –」

After declaring so one-sidedly, Rick leaves in a hurry.

…… Ehh~~~~~~~~~~?

「… Y-Yurushia-sama……?」

What was that child talking about? I’ll be returning home the morning of the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow’s the day that I can happily see the Imperial Capital with my Father, alongside choosing souvenirs. I intend to go home cheerfully after that.


So, a Birthday? The day after the tomorrow? Impossible. There’s now way I’d be able to delay my reunion with my Mother for even a day longer than scheduled. In the first place, who was that child, to act with such authority?

「Eh…? Oh, I’m sorry…」
「No, it is alright. But…… Are you alright?」
「Thank you…… Shelly is quite gentle…」
「T-Thank you very much…」

This child is really healing. I’m glad to have met her.

「Shelly… That child, who was he?」
「Eh? …… Well… That is…」

Do you know, or…? She’s entered the state of fumbling for the right word, so he must be the child of a family with a scary occupation……

But why would such a child know my name……? And who’s that Uncle he mentioned? I don’t understand. I’ll have to pray that Father isn’t involved with such people.

Either way, that brat is unforgivable.


Daughter of Earl Oraleine: Shellynn la Oraleine [7]

It was the 16th day of Natsunaka[8] when she, who had become five years old just one month prior, was called to her Father’s study and told something strange.

『The first tea party that Shelly[9] will attend has been decided. It will take place in four days, in the garden of Kyle Palace. Other children will be attending, so approach them.』

When a noble lady turns 5, they can pay a congratulatory visit to a noble tea party; Shelly’s first tea party was already decided to be held by the sister of the Earl, Viscountess Bray.

Shelly understood that as a young girl, she couldn’t refuse the invitation… But it was quite sudden given the fact it was to take place in only four days.

Perhaps only one or two people…… That would be the number of participants given priority, most likely. Anyone else would only be arranged in case of a numerical crisis.

Her Mother would have to hurriedly order a new dress, but Shelly was anxious to voice that fact to her Father.

『Sorry, Shelly. It isn’t a tea party to be fearful of. Only children will be attending, and social positions along with family names don’t matter. You should enjoy yourself.』

There will be no relationship to status…… In other words, someone who’s attending wishes to hide their position.

And, since only children will be attending, Shelly who had just become 5 would likely be the youngest. She knew nothing of who was participating, and had no idea what to talk about either.

The Earl, which had already arrived to the above conclusions, matches his eyes with his daughter and speaks with a wry smile.

『To tell you the truth, this was requested by a friend of mine. His daughter will also be asked to participate without much notice. The child hasn’t gone outside too much due to poor health, and is younger than Shelly.』

Not even four rears old yet, such a girl will be participating.

For the sake of comfort and protection, Shelly was asked to participate.


On the day of the tea party, Shelly met an angel.

An angel with sparkling golden hair and beauty that makes one think that they aren’t human.

She had an appearance that would cause one to avert their eyes and lose their breath, and elegantly bowed to others before reaching a table which no one was sitting at. When she let out a small breath, everyone around was finally capable of breathing in once again. As they remembered their work, the Maids began to move about in a hurry.

The other young ladies sighed towards her figure which was akin to an Angel, but Shelly noticed her distressed — or perhaps lonely — appearance as she stared at the sweets in front of her without raising her hand.

Perhaps, she was the daughter of Father’s friend. Who was it that determined Shelly fit to defend such a child?

When she spoke, she seemed wise enough to make one think that she wasn’t young at all, and even she had the cold impression of a doll, she was a good child who properly thanked her waitress.


Her name was Yurushia. Shelly came to like her immediately. [10]

It was as if she was charmed by a Demon……

When they were playing together, two boys approached.

He didn’t know Shelly, but Shelly knew of him. He was a boy who was known to be selfish and rude.

Even though Shelly could do nothing but be frightened, Yurushia didn’t show any distress, and stared at him with her gentle golden eyes. She then easily dismissed him by giving him a small corolla.

Shelly was impressed at the figure of the girl, but at the same time she was jealous of the two boys who had locked eyes with her.

Determined, she resolved herself to ask her father to attend the boy’s Birthday party.

She would repel any insects that would try to approach Yurushia. [11]

Author’s Note:
And so, the story will be put into motion.

[1] I’d change this to “Grandfather” or just revise to “Old Butler”, but I kept it as-is because she uses “chan” — which means she feels that their relationship is always close enough to do so out of endearment, and that possibly contributes to how the Butler reacts in the lines below. 爺ちゃん

[2] It would be “Shelley” which means “From the meadow on the ledge” or “clearing on a bank”, but I’m using Shelly, since the difference of one ‘e’ is essentially nonexistent. If you prefer Shelley, let me know. シェリー

[3] It’s 花冠, but Shelly’s essentially suggesting to make a crown of flowers — otherwise known as a chaplet.

[4] Weird line is weird. 真面目に考えて変な人ではなく、真面目にしているのに変な人だ。

[5] Essentially, a handsome guy. But you already knew that… Right?

[6] Yakuza is like the Japanese mafia… If you didn’t already know. The “Yakuza boss” is actually called the “Oyabun” — which is what brat-kun is called by Yuru in the raws.

[7] Oraleine = オルアレン (pronounced Aura-lay-nh), Shellynn = シェルリンド (pronounced Shell-Lih-nh).
Shellynn should just be one word, as there’re middle dots seperating the different pieces of her title (シェルリンド・ラ・オルアレン); if anyone has any better suggestions, don’t feel reserved to let them be known.

[8] 夏中の月 — essentially, the last two characters are “month of”, so the important bit is 夏中. 夏中 means “height of summer” or otherwise “midsummer”. Because the name of the months hasn’t been stated before, I’ll just use an onomatopoeia for now unless someone has a better suggestion.

[9] Normally I’d give her name as her apparently-real “Shellynn” name, but in the raws it’s spelt exactly as “Shelly” has been spelt thus far (シェリー, not シェルリン), so there it is.

[10] “came to like her” could also be “fell in love with”… Which would make a certain suspicion at the end from me clear, but because it’s an either/or situation, I’m unsure. シェリーは彼女をすぐに好きになった。

[11] She really does call them insects — or rather, “bad bugs”. Also, rather than “repel” it should be “remove” or “eliminate”… I made it “repel” because I’m not sure whether Shelly is simply protective, or actually full on Yandere.  ユールシアに近寄る悪い虫はすべて排除しようと決意して。

※ ※ ※

If someone with knowledge of the Japanese Language could tell me the difference between “ガキンチョ” and “ガキんちょ”, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Rick is constantly being referred to as “ガキんちょ” which I’ve found to be “brat”, but because the Machines I’m using were having trouble with it, I did auxiliary research — leading me to discover ガキンチョ.

So, are they different? If so, how?

I’ve also changed 魔術学院, which is “Magic Academy” or “Institute of Magic” to mean BOTH of the before-mentioned translations depending on the context. Its real name will be the Institute of Magic (because it sounds formal), but it’ll mainly be referred to as the Magic Academy (most notably by Yuru) — an informal name, if you will.

As for the amount of things this decision changed: there were none. Yep. The only times I used “Institute of Magic” were in the last bit of the previous chapter, so there’s literally no change at all~

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