Demon Noble Girl ~Tale of a Gentle Demon~


She dreamed of a world brimming with light. Family. School. Friends. A train. Bus. Movies. Books.
In that world of light, she grew to adulthood…and at the very end, in a white room, she was engulfed by darkness.
She awakened from the dream, to find that she has become a small demon.
In the demon world, she lives a carefree life. She encounters a powerful being. But in the long time she spent living as a demon, before she knew it, spreading in her heart was a yearning for that world of light. She plunged herself into the summoning magic circle that had appeared before her. And then…when she opened her eyes once again, she had become a human baby.
The place she was in was the Holy Kingdom.
She felt fearful of the fact that she was a demon, while at the same time only having the strength of a baby. Her being a demon, if discovered, would be terrible. Was she a human or demon? Would she be able to survive from here on out?

※ ※ ※

Hey all, this is Ensig speaking. Or, er, writing. Anyways.

This’ll be the second Translation I’ll work on, as I had mentioned I’d work on it on Sword-shisho Chapter 8. Because it’s a bit more difficult (and longer) than Sword-shisho, the pace in which it’ll be translated’ll be slower. Obviously.

Also, as with the case of Sword-shisho as well, I’m really just translating this because I’m impatient for new chapters and bored. It’s a Machine Translation, too, so… Yeah. If anyone wants to pick this up, feel free, as I’m just doing it to kill time and don’t guarantee any set release dates.

As for the chapters which have already been translated by megacarp, I won’t be re-translating them as there’s no need. Links to chapters they worked on can be located here, too!

Enjoy the translation! Support the Author (somehow) maybe!

Volume 1: The Demon’s Dream

Raw Link
Chapter 1: I Became a Cat (megacarp)
Chapter 2: I Became a Demon (megacarp)
Chapter 3: I Became a Human (megacarp)
Chapter 4: I Became a 2 Year Old (megacarp)
Chapter 5: I Became a 3 Year Old (megacarp)
Chapter 6: The Splendid Daily Life of a 3 Year Old
Chapter 7: Making Friends
Chapter 8: I was Captured
Chapter 9: I Became a Saint
Chapter 10: The Demon’s Blessing (App — all future chapters are HERE)


40 thoughts on “Demon Noble Girl ~Tale of a Gentle Demon~”

  1. yeeeah thank for pick this series up i really liked it but but dropped really thank you if i could i want to give you donate but i can’t because i don’t have money 😛 still REALLY THANK YOU FOR PICK THIS SERIES UP SO MANY THANKS 🙂

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    1. Ehhh~

      That’s right, donations were a thing, huh~

      Honestly though, I’m just translating this out of boredom, so even if Money was donated it wouldn’t motivate me all that much.

      And… Once again, I think what I’ve done isn’t really “picking it up” — it’s more “pushing it along until someone else takes it up”, ’cause I’ll never guarantee a chapter.

      Even if you beg or offer your firstborn~

      That being said, so long as this series keeps me entertained, no one notifies me of them wanting to pick it up, and I’m bored… Then I’ll keep translating it!

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  2. Greetings, I didn’t see a place to leave a comment in the seventh chapter of Demon Noble Girl.

    RE: 「がきんちょ」 vs 「 ガキ」/「 ガキンチョ」

    As you undoubtedly know, in Japanese writings you’ll find times when they use katakana even when the term used is Japanese. In official modern usage, this is used to designate something or someone foreign. However, in everyday usage, when the person or thing described is not foreign, it is used for emphasis–which can be positive or negative. In the case of 「がきんちょ」 , which is a *negative* colloquial term meaning “little kid”/”brat” or even “little devil”, 「 ガキ」ンチョ is akin to emphasis, saying that this is definitely a “little devil”.


  3. Just to note, I would really recommend changing your translation of the title. ‘Yurui’ is a bit tough to translate in english, but the way it was originally translated as ‘Lax’ fits a LOT better than ‘Gentle.’ I don’t know how far ahead you’ve read, but ‘Gentle’ is NOT how I would describe the main character. Especially after she annihilates hundreds of people, crushes heads between her hands on a whim, and tortures people to make them more delicious. She’s very capricious and laid back and she isn’t exactly someone that goes out looking for violence, but she’s not really ‘Gentle’ at all, despite how most other characters view her.

    Because really. As of the end of the first part (since the second part is being rewritten), her headcount is incredibly high and she’s done quite a number of things that could never be described as ‘Gentle.’


    1. The spoliers…! They buuuurn..!

      As for the Title, I could change it to Lax, but that’d mess with most of my links… Along with the chapter locations on Novel Updates and such.

      Not sure how to fix things on other sites, but if someone can do that, then I’m willing to make the change for the sake of accuracy.


  4. AMAZING Job!!!

    I fell in love with the story and attempted to read the raws using the google translate function on chrome… ~ persevered for about 5 chapter until I realized that I was misunderstanding who was who and all of a sudden there were these new characters and things were happening but I had no idea what! (don’t want to insert spoilers).

    So yea, Much appreciated.

    If you don’t mind, I’ll be stalking out this blog page 😉

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  5. Sorry, I have no intention to pester you, nor degrade the hardships of being a translator, but, if you please, release chapters of this particular novel a tad bit faster? I absolutely adore this series and would be filled with the utmost pleasure if you grant my request. I respect what you are doing greatly, but I still must tell this selfish question. I presume you do not speak the native tongue in which this novel was written, assuming this is correct, and you are not getting these translations from an outside source, one thing must be true. In some way, shape or form, you put the raws into a machine and then edit what comes out. To be honest, I cannot begin to fathom how people like you do it. I have tried it many times and I completely and utterly failed. To my dismay, I have taken to much of your time, and I unknowingly went on a small tangent. It is very embarrassing since many people have told me my comments are a tad bit long and formal, but that is how most of my life is. Long, formal and utterly dysfunctional, what was this discussion about again? Yes, yes, I was selfishly requesting of you to release more chapters. In a late attempt to keep this short, I will leave with this. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please accept my selfish request. Once again, sorry for taking your time. Goodbye, and the best of luck to you. I will be following your post, so expect a stalker. 😘😈


    1. Ehhh~ what a long comment!

      For my response:
      The chapters won’t be coming out any faster or slower than anticipated. There’ll be no change. It’ll stay at my own pace, so I’ll have to decline your request.

      That might be a bit blunt, but that’s how it is.

      For the umpteenth time, I’m translating for myself, not for anyone else. There’s no schedule. If I start disliking the work, I’ll stop translating it. If I find translating boring, I’ll stop. If something’s more entertaining, I’ll do that instead. I’m selfish and unreasonable, as well as sporadic and unpredictable. If you don’t like it, pick up translating on a whim like me. If you don’t mind, then feel free to read.

      Ah, just so you know, I’m not typing that with anger behind my words. That’s just how it is, plain and simple.

      As you had guessed, I don’t know a lick about the Japanese language (well, not any more than the average internet-delver), so yes, it is somewhat difficult. But by no means is it impossible. If you know where the right tools for translating are, and are above the average Joe at English, you’re able to translate.

      If that’s not the case, then there would be no way I’d be able to translate. It’s not a gift. It’s not a talent. It’s just 2 parts dedication, 3 parts time, and 5 parts desire to read the work. I’ve disagreed with the statement “You can do anything you put your heart to!” many times, but in regards to Translating, I just might concede — but not on a whim.

      Chances are, you’ve tried to MTL using only a couple (as in 2 or 3) machines at once — or perhaps you simply used one at a time. That guess is simply based off of how I was literally a month ago. 0 experience. Chances are, you had some drive to work your machines for about a minute, and then an odd empty feeling welled up in you, and you decided that it wasn’t worth the time. Once again, that’s a guess off of my own experience.

      – If someone else will translate, why would I need to?

      – I don’t really need to read this. It won’t kill me or anything.

      – What a pain. There’s no reward in this.

      – My life is filled with troubles already, I don’t have the time to waste picking up the ability to translate.

      – I can’t do it. I’ve tried, but I just can’t.

      Have any of the above crossed your mind? You don’t have to answer that, because this, too, is just a list of things I’ve thought before.

      But I don’t think about such things anymore because at some point down the line I had an epiphany.

      “I don’t care about any of the things above. I just want to read this.”

      That’s all.

      There’s my motivation.

      I require no drive to translate, because I just want to read. Even if no one found this blog, and even if no one commented, it wouldn’t affect me. Views are irrelevant. Appreciation is irrelevant. It’s all about me.

      Because I’m selfish.

      I searched for the tools for hours. I found them. I searched for the time to work. I found it.

      If you have the dedication, you could too… But instead, I’ll give you some advice.

      If you like this work, and you really, really, really, really, really, really, really want to see the translation sped up… Search up something called the Translator Aggregator and download a couple of Japanese→English dictionaries. If you can do that much, you’ll have 80% the amount of tools I have. The remaining 20% is something called the Translation Assistant (I have version 3.0). All of those tools mentioned above are free.

      Next, try translating.

      – If you fail, try again immediately.

      – If you don’t understand a line, move on to a different one and try again.

      – If you fail again, try it again after splitting the lines.

      – If it makes no sense, move on again.

      – If you keep getting stuck, give it your best guess and leave a footnote.

      – Rinse and repeat. Endlessly.

      – Don’t close the translation tools when you feel hopeless.

      – Never set a limit for the day or for a sitting.

      – End when you’re at a part you feel is interesting.

      Do it.

      I mean it.

      I’m not asking to prove a point, like “this is how hard it is!” because it’s not incredibly hard. It’s difficult, but not as hard as one might expect. If you’re hung up on the fact that you’ve tried and failed, then asking someone who’s tried, failed, and then broken through the wall to work any harder is completely outrageous — but you know that.

      Instead, I’m telling you to try because if you DO break through the wall to actually translate something, you’ll be able to make the change from leecher to translator. And if you do, you won’t have to say “please” ever again. Other people’ll say it to you, and then you can make another long comment — this time with the purpose of getting other people to translate — and make it terribly clear, almost to the point of cruelty, that you’re doing it for you.

      And then, you can be selfish like me.

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  6. I shall not say thank you, for you do not care for it, but I shall say this. I will try, I love novels, and I hope, I will, break that wall. You have helped me, you have given me motavation, and one day I will have the right to be just as selfish as you. I will do my own and earn my own, but I will always wait for your updates. No matter how slow or fast, and yes I know you do not care, but a lot of people appreciate what you are doing. And I will apreiciate me, goodbye Mr. E, and good luck to you and your selfishness.


  7. Hi. Hmm… How should I say this? Hmm… Umm… I have translated a little bit of Chapter 10 (really, really, little + it’s just random sentences) if you would like, I can give it to you. But I doubt my translation skill is good. I wanted to try translating and see if I can translate this but as my translation speed is slow, I might anger some of the readers.
    (Was finally able to muster courage)

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        1. Hmmmm…


          Maybe put it on a Google Doc or something and make it open for the world, but only editable by you? I’ll be able to make a copy of it and share it back that way.

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          1. Hmmm… right. I’ll do just that. Hehe!
            I am a complete beginner so please, be gentle (Like Yuru), if you are going to criticize it. I think it’s almost finished. So I’ll try to finish it while editing ’cause the sentences are all over the place. Hehe! But really, Thanks! REALLY!! THANK YOU!!!

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                1. I’m not realy good in english so i can’t make any useful critics, but i understand easily your tanslation and i’m happy enough with just that. If you need cheer to continue this job, you have all mine. Thank you a lot for this chapter.


                  1. Hehehe… Sorry for the late reply. But thanks! I am still learning and I’m using this story as a means of practicing japanese while also reading it. I can translate it if Ensig is fine with it and also if you guys can bear/are fine waiting until I finish translating. Huhuhu…

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                    1. Go ahead Megane~

                      I’ve said it before, but anyone’s welcome to take a shot at things I’m translating (Gentle Demon & Sword Bro) — and, in fact, I’d prefer such a result. ‘Cause I’m lazy, y’know?

                      So yep. Go ahead. I could understand your translations just fine, so you have my blessing… Or would it be a curse?

                      Eh. *shrug*

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  8. Hi. Ensig. It’s me again.
    Hmmm… I would like to pick this up… Let’s see… I started translating and stocking chapters of volume 2 so can I pick this up when you have translated the remaining chapters of volume 1?






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    1. Hmm~

      I wouldn’t mind if you just picked it up from V1C10 though. I haven’t been translating much (it was the end of the year for schools where I’m at), so there hasn’t been any significant progress on C10.

      What you showed me before would actually be waaaaaaay more than I had done, so it might actually get out faster if you take it for yourself, y’know?

      That being said… If you really want me to finish those two chapters, I could. When I have time, of course.

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    2. Mr Megane I think you should start translating from V1C10 since quality is already good. Since Mr neutralensig has already given his blessings and this novel is really, really good. 🙂


    3. Megan, I asked ensig about picking up this series full time and he referred me to this thread, would you be opposed to me taking it off of your hands?


      1. Hi. Megane here. *Peace* ✌✌✌
        Hmm… I would love to translate this. I have translated a little in Volume 2 already but school has kept me busy. Ugh…
        And hmm… Can we share the story? I’ll just contribute you the chapters I have translated. It’s fine… I guess~~


        1. Eh, no worries, I’m a the sort of bastard perfectionist that would probably slow you down. Happy to send you a google doc with Chapters 10 and 11 of Volume 1 and Chapter 0 of Volume 2. There are a couple lines which stumped me, which I only have properly finished on my home computer (I’m on vacation), but 99% of those chapters are translated, proofread, grammar-checked, proofread again, left in a box for a week, then proofread again. I’m really not sure of a way to privately share things through here without announcing it to the public, so just add me on steam, so I can link them to you. (Name is Apperatus, misspelled it so you could find it easier)

          Finding another good series that has been dropped shouldn’t be too hard to do, since I will not be even tangentially related to poaching with that scandal going on now in R/nt.


        2. For the time being, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll post up V1C10 on this upcoming wednesday, the 20th, then V1C11 on the 27th. That way, regardless of what happens, the folks at home will have a finished volume. I’d then appreciate hearing back from you through here, steam or discord (@app#9674) by the 3rd, but if you decide you don’t want to have it, or have disappeared, I’ll just keep posting chapters every week from there until you say stop. Sound good?


            1. Is there space for another translator left on this party? I hadn’t noticed this particular comment thread and had foolishly started my own translation for V1C10 ; – ; I finished V1C10 but somehow I feel like I’m super late to this


              1. Seems I’m doing it myself, but it’s no bother at all, as I enjoy it and have a hefty buffer already made. I plan to release weekly starting this Wednesday, so look for it on Moonbunnnycafe, on novelupdates, or just on the link i’ll post here Wednesday night for ensig to repost here.


  9. Mr Megane I think you should start translating from V1C10 since quality is already good. Since Mr neutralensig has already given his blessings and this novel is really, really good. 🙂


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