Gentle Demon V1C8 is out (finally)!

Yeah, yeah, it took a while. I have my reasons, but before I get into them, here‘s the link to the chapter!

So, as for my reasons, there’re a couple…
I’ll make a list:

  1. I moved recently (I think I made a note of that on a Sword-shisho chapter at some point… Probably), but we didn’t end up moving any extra big things (like paintings, extra shelves, etc.) and anything we stored downstairs until a couple days ago. On top of that, yardwork needed to be done, so… Yeah. Didn’t have a lot of time for TL’ing.
  2. I got addicted to a couple of games. Literally a couple (as in 2), one of which I’ve completed, so I’m no longer addicted. For the second, it’s Overwatch on the PS4 (Beta) which released Tuesday.
  3. My internet is crap. For one, it’s not very fast (because I’m cheap), but there’s also the data limit… Which I ended up reaching before the month was over. Usually, I have the unlimited-data plan, but I guess I forgot to get that when I moved. Oops.
    As for why that’s something worth noting, because my MTLs require the use of machines, I need a connection in order to do anything. So yeah.
  4. There’s no release schedule. Some people don’t know that despite me mentioning it like… Every other chapter I release (usually in the comment section), so yeah. I’m doing this for me, because I’m selfish and bored.

So yeah. Those’re the reasons.


9 thoughts on “Gentle Demon V1C8 is out (finally)!”

  1. What’s that!? It took you a bit over a week to release a chapter of something? Let me go grab my torch and pitchfork.

    Jokes aside, it’s not an issue. I understand the lust to read what’s happening next in stories I’m interested in, but TLs like you owe readers nothing. That said, I feel guilty about MoM. Hopefully I’ll be well enough to act on that guilt sometime soon.


  2. Well, it’s already pretty fast! Comparing you to others that also don’t have schedules makes it pretty obvious, people should be satisfied with how you are doing right now, hail you! lol.

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.


  3. you have shit taste in games you console pleb, atleast use a computer for overwatch.
    let me list some good newer gaming gems so you can correct your shit taste.

    Dragons Dogma
    E.Y.E divine cybermancy
    Hands of fate
    Byond SS13

    thanks for the chapter aswell.


    1. *shrug*

      I only have a Laptop, and it’s not even a gaming one, so I prefer the consoles over lagging to infinity, followed by a crash and/or computer overheat.

      Also, for that list, everything’s fine but Dragon’s Dogma. Fuck that game. It’s shit.

      Combat’s alright, but the storyline is absolute crap. There’s no reason for the MC to do anything, they just do because god knows why.

      Graphics = Good
      Gameplay = Alright (some Skills like that Warrior jump-pad skill are useless, grabbing enemies isn’t very useful unless you have Skills to assist that, otherwise you run out of Stamina and drop like a bag of potatoes)
      Storyline = Shit. Complete. Shit.

      As for the chapter, you’re welcome!


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