Sword-shisho C57: It’s a boy!

Chapter’s here.

Regarding the last note, I decided go with the basic format, simply because it’s… Well… Simpler.
In regards to why there was a small gap between the last release and this on, it was my Birthday on the 2nd, so I was enjoying myself.

On an un-irl-related note, whey30 (otherwise known as Pengu) has volunteered to translate Sword-shisho on Fridays and/or Saturdays. In other words, if there’s a post tomorrow, chances are it’s his TLing. Seeing as I have nothing better to do I’ll be editing his work just like I did with mllhild, but because I’ll also be translating (albeit on Sun-Thurs) I’ll be putting TL: Bla, Editor: Bla at the top of each chapter.

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