Chapter 1 & 2 of Sword-shisho are temporarily down.

The translator of the first two chapters has taken down their blog, so for a short while they’ll be unavailable in English. I’ve gotten to work re-translating them to host here, so no action is required by the current translator of the series (Pengu) for now, but if I don’t get C1 out by the week’s end I’d recommend having someone else work on it.

That being said, I’m already done 60% of it, so… If I don’t show up, just ask me for my progress to save time, I guess. I continually check this blog to give the OK to comments, so I’ll see the request eventually.

Thanks to WWW for notifying me of C1 & C2 going down.

Edit: Seems that they migrated the chapters to a new domain. I’ll fix the links here to the proper sites. As for the now-70% re-translated C1… RIP. Sorry for the fuss, and thanks to everyone who told me of the migration’s location.


16 thoughts on “Chapter 1 & 2 of Sword-shisho are temporarily down.”

    1. You mean for 58+? If so, they’re all on Pengu’s site.

      The right arrow on 57 will direct you to 58, and all the rest (up to 64, currently) can be found in sequence through navigating at the bottom of each chapter over there.


  1. Hello Ensig, may I use your work as a basis to translate to my own language (portuguese)? Of course you will be credited, and linked. I wanted to contact you sooner, but I didn’t find any way besides commenting.


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