Chapter 7: Night Flight

I think I’ve gotten better at TL’ing, even though this is only my second time doing it now.

I take creative privileges during/after TL’ing (mainly grammatical stuff and making sentences flow better) but there are still some lines I’m not 100% sure on, so I’d be thankful if anyone would add suggestions to the areas I’ve footnoted.

Ah, one last thing… The MC uses some pretty strong language, I’ve found. So if you don’t like swears… Cry, I guess?

Now then, onto the Chapter!

※ ※ ※

Um… Which way is the Pedestal?

I eliminated the entire nest of Goblins and emerged triumphant, but…

The darkness of night has already wrapped around the surrounding area, so I’ve lost my sense of direction.

『Well, there’s the silver Moon over there, so…?』

I have no idea. I don’t know what direction the Moon rises and, of course, I don’t know which direction the Sun rises either. I’ve already become a lost child.

『Should I give up going home today…?』

To me, the Pedestal has been certified as my home, more or less. I’d like to return there every day, if possible. In addition, sitting inside of the Pedestal somehow gives me peace of mind.

However, it seems that it’s impossible to return.

Well, it can’t be helped, so let’s treat ourselves to some late-night hunting. Until now, I had been hesitant to go out at night in the Plains, but I don’t have a choice.

With that, I took to the air and searched for Demonic Beasts while maintaining a height where the ground is just barely in view. I’m not only at this height to search for Demonic Beasts, but also to easily reach the ground in case of a surprise attack from above.

『Flying high in the sky, I can see quite far into the distance. It’s quite nice.』

I haven’t seen one yet, but being attacked by some sort of transcendent Dragon would be the worst. So, not with just my eyes, I’m remaining vigilant with all five senses. Well, five sense-like things, given the fact that I don’t have a body.

Anyways, it seems that the strength of Demonic Beasts doesn’t spike up just because of the night. Rather, it seems that they’ve grown weaker under the cover of darkness.

Even if it takes time to find them, combat’s settled in an instant.

『It’s good, it’s good! Using Echolocation to detect them! Convenient Skills are great!』 [1]

For Monsters of the night, exploration Skills are quite substantial.

Especially Echolocation. With this Skill, I can grasp the topography of the area as well as Demonic Beasts, so I’m able to search the surroundings with considerable detail.

『Amassing Magic Stones like this, I wonder if I’ll be able to Rank up?』

Yeah, I was getting caught up in the moment. I was so successful in killing the nocturnal Demonic Beasts that, in my excitement, I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings. I had single-mindedly focused only on chasing prey.


Suddenly, such a roar resounded within my ears. I looked up to find the source, and found a Demonic Beast whose size far surpassed that of a Giant Bat approaching from above.

『Impossible! There was no reaction from Echolocation!』

Shortly before I had used Echolocation, but there was absolutely no response.


At extremely-high speed, the huge shadow passes by right beside me.

It’s like a plane! [3]


A sound similar to a high-pitched metallic shriek comes from my blade with just a grazing touch. The impact is terrific, with all trees within about 10 meters being blown away. But that’s not all. With just that slight contact, checking my Status, my Durability was shaved off by 30.

『Shit! What an unpleasant surprise!』

Are surprise attacks your main[4]? No thanks. I’m just a sword. Aren’t I a good sword? Even if I am, I’m just a sword! A sword!

Even so, I’ll still feel offended when I’m struck! [5]

I was sent flying in surprise, but I managed to stabilize my posture in the air. I wasn’t able to get a good look at my assailant, however.

It’s Fast! That’s all I can say.

Other than that, I figured out why it wasn’t caught with Echolocation.

Although it hasn’t even been five seconds since it collided with this master of the shadows, it’s already far off into the distance. He’s way too fast.

I don’t always use Echolocation, but when I do, it usually takes about a minute to examine the area using the rebounding sound waves. If something has that much speed approaches from more than 30 meters away, then it takes about 5 seconds for the signal to reach me.


『Damn, here it comes again!』

I try using Appraisal at the last second while barely dodging him.

Race : Lesser Wyvern : Deteriorated Sub-Dragon : Demonic Beast Lv.21

HP:223 MP:95 STR:95 END:122 AGI:98 INT:142 MGC:63 DEX:37

Intimidation:Lv2, Stealth:Lv2, Fire Resistance:Lv3, Airflow Manipulation:Lv3, Poison Resistance:Lv3, Scale Hardening, Smell Enhancement, Absorption Enhancement, Sight Enhancement

Strong! It’s a Wyvern: a degradation of the dragon species — it’s just a degradation, but it’s still the strongest Demonic Beast I’ve seen so far! It’s got a lot of Skills, too!

I avoided a direct hit because I devoted myself to evasion, but the wind pressure alone made my whole body shake as a fierce gust of wind assaulted me.

I’ve made light of this world. I’ve never had a hard fight, but when it comes to Dragons, is there room for fighting halfheartedly? I don’t think so.

『Damn it!』

My opponent might be able to move even faster than this.

Isn’t this an impossible game? No, wait. If I give up, then it really will be the end. It’s still too early to give up. When the time comes, I’ll be able to escape to the ground somehow. Maybe. But before that, let’s take on this challenge. Or rather, it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to get away if I don’t do something. I’ll have to depend on counterattacks, even if all I can do is damage him a little.

So, let’s try to counter his charge. I speed up a bit in reverse, as to make an attempt to run at the same time. Survival is my priority.

Like that, I wait for the rush of the Wyvern. It seems that because it’s so fast, turning to charge once again takes a bit of time. While circling widely, it turns this way. The fact that I don’t have to worry about being rushed consecutively is my only saving grace in this situation.

『It’s coming!』

My aim is its Abdomen, which appears to be softer than the rest of its body. I’ll just barely dodge by escaping below, and then raise my edge skywards to cut its stomach. I’m unsure whether it’ll go well, but I’ll try it anyways. If it’s wounded, then I can take that opportunity to escape.

Rapidly, its huge body approaches, but I was unexpectedly calm. Certainly, it’s faster than things like Cars and Motorcycles, but there’s no need to be overwhelmed because it’s simply coming at me in a straight line. My plan… Will it work?


Yeah. I failed. In the middle of a rush, this guy dodged the full brunt of my swing… Still, that strike left a deeper impression than I thought it would.

Even though I intended to calm myself down, fear seemed to linger in my subconscious regardless. Even so, the edge that I raised cut the Wyvern’s stomach a little. To its huge body, I made a scratch. When I found that I had given it a wound, I became genuinely happy.

『Wait, didn’t that make it super mad?!』

Even though I dealt so little damage, it seems that its anger is at its MAX! Didn’t this tactic have a boomerang effect?! While making its turn, its vicious eyes were glaring, completely fixed on me.

『Isn’t this slightly bad?』

And it rushed once again. I had resolved myself ー to dodge this guy.

『Damn it! This damn lizard! ー Even though it was only struck once!』

Because I understood the balance of defense and offense I aimed to counter, but the Wyvern immediately performed a feat of acrobatics using its tail, manipulating its centrifugal force. With that, I received a direct hit from the talons of its hind leg.

I didn’t just take the attack, however. When I was hit by its claw I bounced directly in front of the fellow’s eye, so I made the split-second decision to jab myself into it. Well, as a result, the tip of my blade has been broken. The fragments should still be within the Wyvern’s right eye. Serves you right!


It twisted and writhed in agony while flying (although its flights seems quite disturbed).

『Apart from that, am I alright?』

Only about ⅔ of my blade is left. The rest splendidly snapped off. Naturally, there’s no pain, but am I really alright?

There doesn’t seem to be any problem flying. To begin with, I fly using Telekinesis and Floating so my flight has nothing to do with air resistance. With that, even with a change in shape there doesn’t seem to be any changes.

Magical Power doesn’t seem to be leaking out from the damage, either.

… Surprisingly, I’m alright. How much will Self-Repair be able to regenerate, I wonder. It’d be unpleasant to remain in this state.

When I thought such, the broken part of my blade began to glow slightly. Then, although it’s only a couple of millimeters, it started to bulge. This is probably the start of restoration.

Phew. Self-Repair seems to be working properly.

『Shit, that damn Lizard! How dare it do this to me!』

Anger immediately boiled up after I confirmed my own safety. To put my beautiful white blade into this tragic state… Inexcusable!

It seemed that the Wyvern didn’t plan on letting its damage slide either, so with my mind distorted by hatred I recklessly threw myself up at the Wyvern. Still, even with my reason completely gone, I can only chase it endlessly.

Its movements have become poor with its injury, but it’s still faster than me.

『Even so, I’ll do it!』

I’ll cut him up until he’s nothing but a pile of severed bones! If my body’s a sword, then it’s no longer restricted with the same limits that I’m used to! And, if so, then there must be a way!

First, I slow down a little to change the course of the Wyvern. That way, it would be misled into thinking that I was going to escape. And, just as expected, the Lizard-bastard threw itself in a straight line.

What an idiot! It took the bait!

I change my route at once, accelerating towards the wing of the Wyvern. The Lizard-bastard was headed completely straight, so it couldn’t dodge even if it wanted to.

Then, with both of us accelerating with tremendous momentum, we collide. As a result, my blade almost completely disappears. The remaining amount would be about ⅒. But it was worth it as the Lesser Wyvern’s left wing was cut at the base, causing it to fall to the ground.

Through my baiting, my altitude ended up exceeding 30 meters. As one would expect, not even a Sub-Dragon could fall from this height without a scratch.

Upon approaching the Lesser Wyvern that fell to the ground, its neck is bent in a strange direction with a large quantity of blood and vomit pouring from its mouth. The body’s still convulsing, but it’s only a matter of time before it meets its end.

Fuー Looks like I somehow won.』

That was dangerous. If I received just a little more damage I would have been done for. My remaining Durability is 23. I really did just barely survive.

『Well, it’s good that I defeated it…… But what should be done about its Magic Stone?』

The Magic Stone needs to be recovered, but retrieving it from the Lizard-bastard will be difficult for me who’s lost most of my blade. There must be a way, right?

Watching the recovery of Self-Repair, it seems like it’ll take quite some time to make a full recovery. It’s possible that it won’t be repaired overnight either.

Meanwhile, on this plain crawling with starved Demonic Beasts, I can’t help but think that the Lesser Wyvern’s corpse isn’t exactly ‘safe’.

『Well, I’ll manage somehow……』

As for recovery via Self-Repair, it seems that the ooze coming out is bound to the broken section.


I’ve got to put some fighting spirit into it! By doing so, won’t the speed of the ooze squeezing out increase!? ー Yeah, what stupid things are you thinking, me?


I have the feeling that the brightness of my blade increased, somehow. Is this, by any chance…… Ohh. The restoration speed of the blade rose remarkably. Seriously?

Is it possible that the even the effects of auto-recovery Skills increase when it coincides with the user’s intentions? Alongside that increase, my MP is decreasing at an amazing speed: 1MP/sec. But it’s worth it at this point, as my blade will be completely repaired at the expense of only ~200 MP.

『It was a struggle, but I gained some useful knowledge.』

That, and a Magic Stone. These are the fruits of struggling with all my might. Its Magic Stone is comparable to 20 regular ones.

The Lesser Wyvern’s Magic Stone was located at the base of its neck. I had attempted to aim at it in the middle of combat, too.

『Well, let’s take a rest for today in the bushes.』

[1] Rather than “Convenient Skills are great!” it’s actually “Convenient Skills are huge!” — huge as in quantity. I’m thinking he means that ‘they play a huge part’, thus the translation. 便利スキルが大量だ!

[2] It’s actually “うおっと” — which is “uh-oh” or “oops” or even “sorry”. You’ve probably heard it in anime, as it’s pronounced “Uotto”. Because it’s more of a sound that escapes his lips (if he had any lips), I’ve kept it as a hyperbole.

[3] The literal translation is “galley”, as in a ship, but… That’s not very fitting, I’d think. I’ll change it if someone has a better suggestion. ギャリィッ!

[4] Machines are giving ‘The surprise attack was the main? I’m good.’, so I’m thinking that the MC is using gaming lingo. お前も不意打ちがメインだって? 俺はいいんだよ

[5] I think the MC’s making the joke that even though he’s a sword, he doesn’t like colliding with things (in case of a dual, in other words).

※ ※ ※

Some of you may have noticed that in the Appraisal of the Lesser Wyvern it’s categorized as a ‘Deteriorated Sub-Dragon’ — not ‘Evil’ like the Goblins and such have been up until this point. Because of this, I’m thinking the format is actually like the following:

Race: (Race Name) : (Racial Derivation) : (Racial Classification) Lv.##

If that’s the case, I might make changes to the Goblin derivation in the future, but I’ll have to see more monsters to be sure.

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