Chapter 38: Goblin Subjugation – Return

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Author Note:
I received many questions related to the MC’s vision, so to any discrepancies on the subject, parts of the 1st and 4th chapter have been revised.
I have the privilege of doing a detailed activity report of how people took the change:

The overall evaluation surpassed 20,000 points!

The following concerns the return of us, having captured the dungeon, to the town.

In the faces of the Adventurers, profound fatigue but overall delight can be seen.

They had 10 casualties total, but for a Demonic Beast disaster of this scale, it appears fortunate to end with only this much.

For being able to quickly capture the dungeon due to us annihilating Demonic Beasts along the way, we received the gratitude of the Adventurers. You might say that not monopolizing the corpse of the demon also had a hand in our favorable reception. More precisely, that was a huge part of it.

It appears that a Demon’s raw materials are substantially higher priced than Demonic Beasts of the same rank. It’s an endemic species that doesn’t exist outside of dungeons, after all.

The amount of experience gained is also remarkably different; they’re said to even rival a Threat Level A Demonic Beast by themselves. Fran’s level rising 8 times is understandable in that respect. Demons appear to be quite the delicious opponents… Well, on the flip side, they also come come with the large risk of us getting eaten up instead.

After leaving the Dungeon, we were scolded by Donna for having rushed forward alone. We received around 1 whole hour of preaching.

The scene with the Conqueror of the Century’s End[M1] preaching to a small neko girl was beyond criminal — it was way too funny! When I laughed Fran pouted, but somehow she was able to bear with it to the end.

Also, if not for the mediation from the lad we were involved with before the departure, Donna probably would have continued for even longer. The mercenaries who picked a quarrel with Fran were dead, and the fact that he didn’t end up the same as them was thanks to Fran; because of this, he came advocating in our defense.

『Those guys… They really died in the end, huh…』
(Even said in a good voice: can’t deceive me.)
Ahaha… As expected?』
(Teacher didn’t get scolded. Unfair.)
『Now, now.』
(Only I got scolded.)
『I’m sorry.』
(Teacher. Lots of meat.)
(Roasted meat.)
(Steak and skewers, too.)

Lately, because Fran keeps eating my cuisine from Earth, I’ve started thinking that she might end up becoming a glutton character. Well, if this cheers her up, then let’s make as much as she wants! For having defeated a highly ranked opponent like a Demon, a celebration is necessary, after all. Eat as much of whatever you want!

But before arriving at the town, I should confirm the fruits of battle. Before ranking up it was like this:

ATK :392 Retained MP :1650/1650 Durability :1450/1450

Self Evolution <Rank 7・Magic Stone Status :2599/2800・Memory :62・Points :0>

And now, it’s like this:

Name :Teacher
Equipment Registration :Fran
Race :Intelligent Weapon  

ATK :434 Retained MP :2050/2050 Durability :1850/1850   
Magic Conductivity・A

Appraisal Lv.7, Appraisal Concealment, High-Speed Self-Repair, Self Evolution <Rank 8・Magic Stone Status :3099/3600・Memory :70・Points :40>, Self-Modification, Telekinesis, Telekinesis ↑ Low, Telepathy, ATK ↑ Low, ALL Wielder Stats ↑, Wielder Recovery ↑ Low, MP ↑ Low, Memory ↑, Demonic Beast Knowledge, Skill Sharing, Sorcery

With each evolution, my stats become increasingly amazing. In the beginning my ATK increased no higher than 30 per rank, with my MP only advancing by 100. My Durability and MP recovery were also nonexistent. How will they end up if I rank up even further? I’m looking forward to it.

Next are the Skills that leveled up. The Hobgoblins and Army Beetles had reasonably high skill levels, so some have grown quite a bit.

Wind Magic Lv.7, Sword Techniques Lv.8, Sword Arts Lv.9, Summon Kin Lv.6, Hardening Lv.4, Abnormal State Resistance Lv.3, Soil Magic Lv.5, Poison Magic Lv.3

As for Skills, the Hobgoblins had quite a few new ones as well.

Darkness Magic Lv.1, Bow Techniques Lv.1, Panic Lv.1, Club Arts Lv.1, Soul Talk[E1] Lv.1, Shortbow Techniques Lv.1, Dagger Techniques Lv.1, Taming Lv.1, Katana Techniques Lv.1, Leatherworking Lv.1, Magic Engeneering Lv.1, Magic Barrier Lv.1, Dark Magic Lv.2, Alchemy Lv.1, Cooperation Lv.5, Trap Perception Lv.1, Darkness Reinforcement, Darkness Immunity, Acid Fang, Automatic MP Recovery, Control Immunity, Skin Hardening.

Extra Skill:
Skill Taker Lv.1

Despite having obtained 40 Self Evolution Points, there are way too many things I want to do with them, so ‘40’ ends up feeling like a small number.

I should raise Sword Arts and Sword Techniques, as well as some Magic… Since I got my hands on Darkness Reinforcement, maybe I should raise Darkness Magic? Summon Familiar also seems like it could be useful, so raising its level and seeing what happens might be a good idea. There’s also the previously-abandoned Instant Regeneration and Abnormal Status Resistance. Furthermore, Skill Taker is also on the list… And because the ‘transforms into a superior skill at Lv.10’ might apply to it, there doesn’t seem to be an end to my troubles in sight.

But, of course, I’m not the only one who gained things. Fran has reached level 25. Usually, a Demon would have granted a huge amount of experience for a full party, but Fran had it concentrated on her alone, so…

Name :Fran Age :12
Race :Black Cat Beastman
Occupation :Magical Swordsman 
Condition :Contracted

Level :12→25
HP :189→304 MP :115→215
STR :92→150 END :74→129 AGI :82→140
INT :50→95 MGC :62→117 DEX :63→108

Goblin Slayer, Mental Stability, Skinning Expert, Indomitable Resolve, Directional Sense, Night Eyes
<New> Insect Slayer, Growth Efficiency ↑, Demon Slayer

Match for a Thousand, King of Dismantling, Master of Recovery, Goblin Slayer, One who Slaughters, Skill Collector, Master of Fire, King of Cooking
<New> Insect Slayer, Big Game Devourer, Dungeon Conqueror, Demon Slayer
Insect Slayer: 
A Title granted to those who exterminated no less than 300 insect type Demonic Beasts in a single battle.

Acquisition of the Skill :Insect Slayer
Big Game Devourer:
A Title granted to those who overcame an overwhelmingly difficult opponent alone.

HP +20, All Stats +5, Acquisition of the Skill :Growth Efficiency ↑
Dungeon Conqueror: 
A Title granted to those who either killed a dungeon master, or destroyed a dungeon core.

Inside of Dungeons: HP & MP Recovery ↑
Demon Slayer: 
A Title granted to those who have slain a demon.

Acquisition of the Skill :Demon Slayer

Again and again came the cheat Titles. Big Game Devourer in particular is just as powerful as Match for a Thousand. Thanks to that, Fran’s status is quite something. Already, the sum of all her stats is equal to Donnadorondo’s.

Fran… What a frightening child! — No, it’s my fault that she’s like this. Fran has ambition, so I don’t think that she will get conceited, but… There is the possibility for her to search for even more dangerous places from now on. I have to stay focused and properly support Fran.

And so, raising Skill levels is an urgent matter.

『Hey Fran, which Skill do you want to raise?』
(Sword Arts and Sword Techniques.)
『Yes, of course.』

This time we experienced it first-hand — just how hard it is for Magic to show results on highly-ranked opponents. With a sword on the other hand, even in an unfavorable position a chance for a comeback exists. In fact, I can be proud of my ability to do so due to my high Magic Power Conductivity and vast MP reserves.

『Then, for now shall we raise Sword Arts and Techniques?』
『Alright, done』

Expending 6 Self Evolution Points, Sword Arts and Sword Techniques have reached Lv.MAX. Furthermore, Master Sword Techniques Lv.1, Master Sword Arts Lv.1 and Sword Attribution Lv.1 were derived.

Master Sword Arts and Techniques I can understand, but ‘Sword Attribution’? It seems to be a Skill to be used with Magic, allowing one to infuse a sword with a magic attribute for a fixed time, but… Well, unless we try it out, there’s no way of knowing its full effects.

So, what shall we raise now? There’s still Skill Taker, too.

Skill Taker :Lv.1
Allows the user to choose a single Skill with rarity ≤ Grade 1. If the chosen Skill is Lv.1, the Skill’s chance of success is 50%. Only one Skill can be targeted at a time. 
Cooldown :1 day 
Range :Skill Level × 1m

Ho, skill rarity, huh… Appraisal’s level isn’t yet sufficient, so it doesn’t show the Skill’s degree of rarity.

If I used this, then even more progress in collecting skills could be made… Furthermore, if it became possible to steal an opponent’s Skill, battles could become even easier. Above all, it would be possible to obtain skills which I previously couldn’t get my hands on — ones from beings without magic stones… Skills from civilized races.

What to do about this… I’m already totally enthusiastic, but what about Fran?

『Say, about Skill Taker――』

With that, I explained the general stuff to Fran.

(It’s good.)
『Is that so?』
(Extra Skills: definitely super strong.)
『Alright. Then, let’s level it up.』

Ending up recklessly charmed by her cute words, I decide to raise it to Lv2 see what happens.

Skill Taker :Lv.2
Allows the user to choose a single Skill with rarity equal or below grade 2. If the chosen Skill is Lv.2, the Skill’s chance of success is 60%. Only one Skill can be targeted at a time. 
Cooldown :2 days
Range :Skill level × 1m

What? Lv.2 and 60% chance? A-Alright, let’s raise it some more!

Leveling up Extra Skills seems to cost 3 points per level, so my remaining Self Evolution Points are only 7… But I don’t regret it.

Skill Taker :Lv.Max
Allows the user to choose a single Skill with rarity equal or below grade 10. If the chosen Skill is Lv.10, the Skill’s chance of success is 100%. Only one Skill can be targeted at a time. 
Cooldown :18 days
Range :Skill level × 1m

Nothing that can be done about the 18 day cooldown, so we’ll just have to think properly about when to use it. Well, in our case Fran and I each have a chance, so we should be able to use it a bit more carefreely. I’ll definitely have to investigate what Skills would have rarity Grade 10 later.

Maybe I should raise Appraisal’s level for that? If by any chance Skill Taker can steal Extra Skills and Unique skills, then it’d be unbelievably strong. To put it bluntly, it’d be a complete cheat.

I want to use it at once, but… There’re only allies around us. Won’t some bandits appear? Well, even after thinking that, I know that bandits that would come to take on a bunch of adventurers don’t exist.

And so, without anything occurring we reached the guild.

It was in quite the festive mood when we arrived. Adventurers were rejoicing at our victory while we received the remuneration for our efforts. Everyone’s face is cheerful.

「Little miss, come over here for a moment.」

Led by Donna, Fran and I move towards the Guild Master’s room. None of the other Adventurers are surprised. They understand that Fran contributed the most, after all.

Various rumors had gone around, but even Adventurers who doubt Fran’s ability seem to have come to the understanding that her summons has to do with her involvement in the subjugation.

Ahh, must be nice. It’ll be a bonus for sure, right?」
「Can’t be helped, it was a spectacular victory.」
「She saved my life, y’know?」
「What did she do to become so strong at that age…?」
「She’s a monster I say. A monster!」
「Maybe she’ll want to enter our party?」
Haaa… Haaa… Fran-chan, CUTE!

The voices are split into Good Will: 5, Envy: 4, and Disgusting: 1. — Hey wait, this last guy is just plain creepy!

「Ah, Fran. I’ve been waiting.」
「First, I’d like to express my gratitude. Thanks to you, the subjugation ended with very few casualties. For a dungeon of this degree to have a demon… If we had conquered it normally, the number of fatalities wouldn’t have been a laughing matter.」

His words held a hint of gratitude, but a smile didn’t cross his face. This person was different from Donna in that he doesn’t let his guard down. Even now I get the feeling that he’s doubting us.

「Still, stealing the march on everyone else and going out on your own is troubling. That being said, this time we escaped harm because of it, so I won’t rebuke you for not complying with orders.」

It seems that after weighing various factors in the subjugation, the result ended up with us avoiding any punishment.

「As for the demon you were said to have defeated… I saw the corpse.」

Donna would need to show it to him, after all.

「I’ll be frank. That was a Threat Level B specimen. Did you really defeat it by yourself?」
「Then… If that’s true, then it means your abilities are befitting of an A rank.」

I’m pleased with the evaluation, but if our rank was suddenly changed to A and we got assigned dangerous commissions right away, I’d be troubled.

「Had luck.」
「Oh? In what way?」

For now, we decided to tell the truth.

「I see, so you aimed at the Dungeon Master to restrain him, then got him by surprise…」
「Dungeon Master: an idiot.」
「Even so, not dying instantly is still strange… Besides, about this demon’s corpse…」
「The fatal attack to the heart. How many people do you think can pierce a tenacious Magic Barrier and defeat a Demon?」
Haa… That’s… Well, alright. Then, onto the real issue.」

As expected, he’ll ask about it?

「What happened to the Demon’s magic stone?」
「… Such a creature’s magic stone is tremendously useful. It’s valued so highly that entire countries would desire it.」
「And you truly don’t have it?」
「Doesn’t exist anymore.」

I’ve absorbed it after all.

Haa… I understand. I’ll believe you.」

We didn’t lie, so… Perhaps we’ve managed to deceive him for now?

Then, the moment I became relieved:

「Wait a minute! Do you seriously plan to overlook this just like that!?」

Vigorously opening the door with a *BAAN*, somebody barged into the room.

[M1] Conqueror of the Century’s End.

[E1] Previously ‘Talk from the Heart’.

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So, this chapter was 4,800 Jap characters (~2,300 english words), and the next is 6,500. It’s gonna take me at least 2 or 3 days to translate.

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