Note(s) Regarding Sword-shisho

This isn’t a chapter release nor is it related to a release of any sort, but it relates to the story so I figured I’d just post it anyways.

The first thing is regarding the first line of almost every chapter.

As you might notice, said line usually starts with ‘It’s been’ or ‘It’s the’, which I had started doing aaaaaall the way back at Chapter 8; I had translated it as such because I thought it was a bit out of place to put the actual line, which is usually along the lines of ‘X time since Y event’.

Now, however, it kind of irks me to forcibly translate said line like I have been. I need to craft 50% of the context around the line for it to make sense, when I could really just do something like:

◇ The day after I killed the Lesser Wyvern ◇

Honestly speaking, I really prefer the above over what I’ve been doing. It’s more true to the Raws, and whereas my current translations of the first line require needless wordsmithing to build proper context, that version is short and to the point.

However, because it simply doesn’t matter which format I end up using (as I get the first line’s meaning across in either case), I figured I’d leave it up to you guys. Should I keep translating the first line as I have been, or should I go with the above format?

Next, on a less translation-related note, I’d like to mention that I’m finally getting around to changing all of the arrows in earlier chapters. I can’t remember when I changed the arrows originally and I’ll also be doing some basic editing (like removing needless Footnotes), so it’ll take a while to finish. As for the edits themselves, there won’t be any changes that warrant re-reading, so don’t worry about it.

That concludes this Note — er… These Notes.


12 thoughts on “Note(s) Regarding Sword-shisho”

  1. If we get more fran and teacher then it does not matter how you do it. just do it as you see fit unless it becomes like google translate translations.
    BTW keep up the good work and may the god of boredoom smite you once more.

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  2. I went back and read a bunch of those beginning bits. Now that you have pointed out to me, they do seem a bit clunky. My preference is that you use the more direct translation. Both because you want to and because now that it has been pointed out to me I would notice it, and wonder how the sentence would really go.

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  3. Do whatever you like. We are the leeches, we have no right to tell you how to do it.
    Also: couldn’t really care less, I just want to fuel my addiction with more updates.


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