Chapter 6: The Splendid Daily Life of a 3 Year Old Child

Human beings and other creatures of this world live serious lives.

Half a year has passed since my 3-year-old Birthday.

As expected, I’m a 3-year-old. It’s different from a 2-year-old. Understand that in this half a year many, many things have changed; or so I feel these days.

The first change was from my Father.

His visits of this mansion, which were once 1-2 times per Year, have now increased to 1-2 times per Month.

What happened, Father? Did you get fired? [1]

No, no. If it’s my wonderful father, customers would come by the dozens. As his daughter, I can guarantee it.

Then, there’s that…… I don’t care for sweets, so there’s no need to bring them every time. Eating them makes me restless. Even if you serve them by hand with teary eyes, I’ll refuse.

Well, although when I say that, his face becomes very lonely……

Ahh, I can’t resist the temptation of Father’s lap. I love sitting on his knee a lot. Recently, he along with my Mother have started patting me.

…… You guys, aren’t you pampering me a bit too much?

Min came to read me a book. I really like stories.

Of course, I’ve also read before, you know? The book Min’s brought is a picture book; it’s essentially a biography of this land, the surrounding areas, and other such things.

「Deep within the forest, a Fairy tribe known as the Shiodaifuku[2] dwells.」
「……… Eh?」
「Deep within the forest, the Fairy tribe Shiodaifuku lives.」
「Ah, I see.」

I carelessly interrupted Min, causing her to energetically repeat what she said. 『Salt Daifuku』 is…… What is it? I think I sort of recall some sort of strange creature.

As a Demon… Or more, as an inhabitant of the Spirit World, even if I don’t understand the language, I can feel the intentions contained within the words.

I『heard』the proper noun through the sound it makes. For example, a word that means Apple, when heard, will translate to Apple. When I say Apple, it’s translated in a language above the common【Spirit Language】: the 【Holy Spirit Language】, so it’s translated and understood of its own accord.

Though speaking is incredibly convenient, letters are a bit troublesome.

I can read without a problem. The writing is converted into characters of a known language, and sorted properly; even if it’s just a glance, so long as I’ve read the word once before I can read fluently.

But that won’t do. I can’t write. Not understanding the grammar of the language I’m writing is fatal.

I have to remember each and every character written while watching the characters reform converted while writing. It’s really troublesome.

And so, I’ve begun to think that it would be better to tone down the ability of 『Language Conversion』 and started studying.

I lower 『Language Conversion』 and slowly mutter 『Salt Daifuku』.

「…… Elf.」


From the story, my knowledge of the Elves wasn’t changed much, but the common sense of this world is quite tricky.

Incidentally, Dwarves are also present.

Their natural pronunciation is better than Salt Daifuku: 『Mochipurun』 [3].
…… Hm? It doesn’t really matter, but their height seems to be ~2 meters.

Both races seem to live in seclusion, so finding any in this country is quite improbable. Even so, I still wish to see them. Because the moment I meet them, I’ll likely burst into laughter.

Now, I should teach you of this Country.

The Holy Kingdom Taritelde[4]. The Imperial Capital has many surrounding cities; it seems that millions of people live there. Whether many things are shared between the cities or not, I do not know.

To the west is the Touru[5] territory. Hundreds of thousands of people live there.

It seems that it’s common for people to live their entire lifetime without taking even one step out of the territory.

Many Countries are similar in that respect, however, as it can take 2-3 weeks to travel long distances by carriage. I’d prefer not experiencing such a thing if possible.

「There’s a 【Demon King】 in the far-off country of Yul, tooー」
「D-Demon King?」

…… As expected of a fantasy! [6]

Far away, it seems that a 【Demonic】 country exists, and there are numerous countries with Demonic inhabitants.

But don’t Demonic beings live in the Spirit World? Although, I seem to be living on ordinary land.

I’m different from common Humans in appearance, so this information is making me a bit restless. I need to calm down a little.

In the end, my fears were dispersed upon learning that the last attack on Humanity was several hundreds of years ago. Hey, Min, stroke my head. There’s no guarantee that another war won’t happen? Don’t raise such a flag.

「Yuru seems quite fond of fish.」
「… Yes.」

As a matter of fact, I don’t particularly like them.

Our Mansion is situated in the middle of a slightly elevated hill, and there’s a brook just outside of one of the walls.

Because of this, Franz the gardener usually goes fishing together with some guards.

…… What about the work?

I’m being held completely by Fer when we came to see it, but how old will I need to be for her to stop carrying me around…?

Won’t doing this result in bigger arm muscles? Will you be able to get married with such arms?

As an aside, will the fish that’re caught today be used for dinner tonight? Their taste is a bit plain.

Why can I feel that way without being a fish enthusiast? 【He】 had used magic to catch fish before, that’s how.

To be frank, I feel a strange temptation after pulling dying fish out of the water. It’s similar to the feeling I would get by chasing Mice and Insects inside the Spirit World.

But following my instincts and attacking a Fish-san with my bare hands would result in me being taken to the Hospital under the suspicion that something’s wrong with my head, without a doubt.

At the same time, the main reason I don’t do it is because I don’t want to get my hands dirty… How selfish of me.

It’s also slightly frightening that I’d be able to do so and promptly use 『Recovery Magic』 on the Fish.

It shouldn’t be used for such a cruel reason. [7]

Timidly, I peek into the creel and see several River Fish-sans twitching within. [8]

Anyway, the trouble I’m faced with is that I find these half-dead looking Fish-sans more delicious than cooked ones. [9]

Hm? Is it natural to like Fish-sans in this state?

Waaー I really am childlike, aren’t I………?

Mhh〜…… I really can’t understand my sense of taste.

Vio teaches me about Magic.

Even though I know that I can’t use Magic types other than Summoning Magic and Holy Magic, I still need to understand other types of Magic after all.

Also, I don’t understand whether my Magic power is that of a 3-year-old Human or that of a Demon currently, so if I don’t learn about it early, I could end up revealing my true identity.

「This Magic is a common spell of the Water attribute.」

So Vio said with a serious face while a dense ball of water floats above her palm.

「…… Common?」
「It’s an extremely common Water Spell.」

How vague.

What’s common……? Is it just common in general? Or maybe it’s the principles the magic is invocated with? Or maybe it’s the incantation?

「It can be used by chanting its age-old incantation.」
「…… So that’s how it is.」

Really vague…… What’s the Magic Academy teaching?

「… Who invented the Spell?」
「I’ve heard that it was the Elves, but…」

Is that so? Good job, Elves.

The incantation is conveyed without thinking about it, so it can be used at any time…… What foolishness.

It’s stupid, and just barely tolerable to think that the incantation is chanted using a 『Common Language』. I don’t know what language it’s spoken in, probably Elvish, but it’s making use of the 【Spirit Language】 in order to summarize the words.

But that’s even more foolish, because the people who’re using it won’t understand what they’re chanting!

Instead, it’s simply memorized!

But I’m a Demon, so I can understand it. Even if I didn’t want to understand it, I would.

I heard the Chant used by Vio earlier; this is what it sounded like:

『Water, which governs all of creation, kiss mine hand.』

It’s compressed. It’s commonly spread. And for some reason, it works.

This common magic is really, really vague.

「What about Spirit Magic?」
「It calls them.」
「…… Eh?」
「You can use it to call upon a Spirit.」

What would happen if there were no Spirits nearby…?

「Well, Wind Spirits are present when the wind blows, and Water Spirits are always hidden somewhere within the water.」

So you call out, and they find you. …… What is this, spectral hide-and-seek?

I haven’t seen Spirit Magic used anywhere but the Magic Academy, but……

In my puzzlement, Vio slightly tilts her head.

「Come to think of it, the area around the Mansion didn’t have any signs of Spirits at all.」

They must have ran away from me.

The fact that when I sit beside a Fireplace the fire becomes smaller is proof of that.

So, in short, for Spirit Magic, if a Human can call an appropriate Spirit properly, the Magic works. So, if I can manage to find a Spirit that doesn’t hide from me, it’ll be fine.

I’d like it if a Spirit went out of its way to find me, but…… Well……

Frankly, the number of Spirits which would do so is lacking……

Is this really what you’d call magic……?

「It is said that Summoning Magic makes use of shapes in a similar way words are used for Spirits.」

That’s surprisingly decent.

「And so?」
「…… And so what, Yuru-ojousama?」

That’s all?!

「Well, Summoning Magic itself is still being researched, and it only became possible to summon Spirits with it recently……」
「What about in the past…?」
「The moment they were called, they disappeared.」 [10]

Is this even usable?

But if Summoning is based off of Spirit Magic…… Wouldn’t practitioners be unaccustomed to granting the summoned creature’s request?

Ah, I see. That’s why Demon Summoning is mainstream.

Since Demons can simply make a Contract if there isn’t a 『Souvenir』 of some sort.

And so, summoning Animals using the same method one would use with Spirits and Demons would be difficult. I can understand the reasoning somehow. Their bodies would essentially be a mass of Magical Power, and so they wouldn’t be able to enter the physical realm properly. [11]

My impression is that Magic Formations, when written neatly, are quite stable. If it was messy, then it would feel similar to being caught on a hangnail.

The size of the formation itself likely changes the required amount of Magical Power.
Because I passed through by force, I ended up in this state.

「Last is Holy Magic……」

I have Vio teach me a simple incantation.

Though this is similar to other Magic, I feel that it’s a bit different. It’s extremely simple. The Spell that Vio used, when translated, ended up as 『Let there be Light』[12]

Similar to a ball, a Magic Light was formed when I tried it. In the case of common lights made via Magic, the use of Fire Magic for me is impossible.

「Oh, it’s splendid Yuru-ojousama.」
「Ah, thank you.」

This, so long my eyes became accustomed to the area, wouldn’t this Spell not be needed? [13]

While thinking so, Vio explained further.

「For Holy Magic, it becomes customizable depending on one’s mental image.」

Like that, there seems to be more than one use for each Spell.

After kneading the Magic, I increase the power. Once I become accustomed to the sense of emitting light, the light becomes stronger. When using an image of God, it becomes『Heal』. It becomes 『Sacred Light』 through the image of destroying Evil. [14]

But I don’t think there’s any real relationship to God.

In short, simply because the all-purpose Energy was in the 『Light』 state, the image of God appears. [15]

But as a weak Spirit, my intent might just be weak as well……

Now let’s talk about the Animals of this world.

There’re horses. Well, there’re carriages, so that should be obvious……

Its figure is almost exactly the same as those in my memories, but they’re a little silly.

They run over to their masters like dogs to be fawned over. Because they’re big, it’s a little scary.

「Look, Yurushia, this is Ouma-san」

Currently, I’m being held by Father, who’s showing off his favorite horse.

It seems from the perspective of others, it was pitiful for me to not being outdoors more often. Because of this, my Mother made a request.

Father, Mother, and three other people were to come with me outside. I was delighted, but… It doesn’t seem that Mother can come. *sniffle*

Instead, today’s turn to cuddle became entirely Father’s, although Vio came as well.

…… Hey, won’t I become poor at walking if this keeps happening…? The chain of pampering just doesn’t stop.

So, today we would be riding to the outskirts of town on horseback.

Was a place closer by no good? I don’t have a problem because I can purr on my father, but for his subordinates, we’ve been moving without a carriage for about an hour.

「Sig is quiet.」

Although it seems to love Father and rushed quickly over to him, it became completely stiff when it looked at me.

Sig-kun. Why are you averting your eyes?

To Father’s subordinates, he’s an affable horse, but the moment he saw me, he started madly rubbing his head against me, and even yelled at the subordinates who approached. Just the other day he looked up at me with glittering eyes while showing me his stomach.

Understanding this creature is impossible for me……

Although I wondered whether I could talk with him using my ability, it wasn’t able to converse because its language was unintelligible.

Anyways, I’m riding that Sig-kun with my Father.

Slowly, slowly and carefully…… How amazing, Sig-kun. With this movement, a horse walking on thin ice would be possible, you know……

If possible, I want you to run with a *clip-clop*. Even though I have my cool Father riding among white horses, this speed’s a bit disappointing…

Father riding on a running white horse would be really cool, I think.

Using my scarce knowledge, I try to imagine Father riding a white horse, wearing a kimono and riding across the beach… But all that comes to mind are rambunctious kids. [16] Why?

After passing time by having fun with Father, we take a carriage back to the house.

I’m on the knee of my father for the journey. Incidentally, my feet haven’t touched the ground since we’ve left the house.

On the middle of the way back, the carriage is stopped suddenly. I wonder if it’s a traffic accident?

Immediately, the door of the carriage is opened and one of the subordinates whispers something into Father’s ear. Even with the ears of a Demon, I still don’t understand the contents.

Regretfully, I’m lowered from my father’s knee…… And handed promptly to Vio before heading outside of the carriage.

Just what’s happening outside? …… I’m concerned.


Vio is acting unusually flustered. How come?

For the most part, I who is quiet just like a doll, don’t ask anything selfish, but even so I reach towards the window of the horse-drawn carriage.

「I want to look outsideー」
「O-ojou-sama, the Master will return soon…」

Vio seems to have thought that I felt lonely from being apart from Father…… Perhaps another push?

「It can’t be helped, perhaps just a little?」

After puffing out my cheeks and staring fixatedly, she flinched and easily gave permission.
Is she afraid of me after all?

When I look out of the glass window, I see father talk about something to a woman with bright red hair as she descends from a different carriage.

She’s beautiful. But Mother is more beautiful.

The beauty seems to be in a bad mood about something…… And Father seems to be lacking his usual vigor. Could our carriage have accidentally collided with theirs? Do they have insurance?

But that person…… They seem to be acting quite bossy towards Father……

While I stared with a slightly displeased feeling, the beauty suddenly looks my way, and the moment our eyes met her eyes visibly widened.

It seems I surprised her…… There were a complex variety of emotions that I felt when our eyes were intertwined, and after saying something to Father she returned to her carriage immediately.

What on earth was up with that……?

Little by little, I’ve practiced Magic.

I’m a three-year-old child, after all. I can’t carry out any exercises that require movement, anyways. To a regular child, such a life would be unbearable, but I’m a daughter who’s been tenderly pampered and overprotected.

Now, the danger of being kidnapped is higher than that of being found out as a Demon.

And my kind parents, who dote on me despite my scary inhuman appearance, would have to pay off the ransom.

And so, because my physical strength in that situation is hopeless, I’ll fight using magic.

Fortunately, either because of my identity as a Demon or heredity from my parents, my Magical Power seems to be quite large; depending on the method, I might be able to escape if such a situation comes to pass.

I’ll become stroーng.

「……… Now then.」

Secretly, I sneak out of bed.

I was given my own room at the age of two, and when I became three I began sleeping alone.

I feel that it’s a little early for a three-year-old, but I suppose that’s just the way it is in this world. If it were a regular child, they might wake up in the middle of the night without their parents and *WaーWaー* cry out. (¹⁸)

But I don’t cry. I don’t cry in the middle of the night and rush over to Mother’s room. Even if there’re signs of Mother and other Maids hanging around in front of the room at midnight, I don’t pay it any heed.

Weren’t you the guys who told me to go bed alone?

Back to the original topic; I woke up in the middle of the night and quietly walked out of my room.

The goal is, of course, to practice magic. It seems that there’re many children that can learn Holy Magic, but it’s difficult for a child, as I can practice and still do badly. They seem to escape using it through other, easier Magics.

Many children who do so then lose the ability to use Holy Magic.

My hypothesis is that the source of Holy Magic is an apparition of light, and it doesn’t wish to lend its power to children who hate it. But really, what did it expect?

Since it doesn’t fear a Demon like me, it must be a pretty laid back Spirit. But that’s only a hypothesis.

In any case, my parents would become uneasy about me losing my affinity to Holy Magic and being skilled in only Summoning Magic, which most have a bad impression of.

And so, Vio, please teach me more Holy Magic. So far, all I’m practicing is the method to increase the amount of light being emitted.

But I’m troubled that that’s the case, because the danger I’m preparing for occurs while I’m young.


I feel a slight sign of Vio and make a small groan.

I suppose Vio’s on duty today?

Whenever I get up to use the restroom, someone comes immediately.

But only my body is that of a child, on the inside I’m a Demon. I could easily disappear into the darkness to deceive everyone’s eyes.

「Yuru-sama, are you going to use the washroom?」
「…… Yes.」

…… Right. I knew this would happen from the start.

I, who failed to escape, gave up on my secret training and simply did image training in bed.

Huh? Isn’t this also practicing?

For practicing Summoning Magic, it’s more 『Studying』 than practicing.

I simply copy down the simplest Summoning Magic formation written on the 『Spellbook for 3-year-olds』. The writing tool: a Crayon.

「As one would expect from Yuru-ojousama, you’re quite skilled.」
「…… I-Is that so?」

If it was written so well, would it really necessary to quickly substitute the paper before Magic Power is distributed?

Actually, in the first place, why do I have to use crayons? They’re thicker than my fingers, so how would I even be able to write delicate formations?

「Because they’re sharp, feather pens are no good.」

It seems sharp…… But it’s not as sharp as a fork, you know? …… Is that it? Is that the reason why I’m not allowed to eat with anything other than spoons…?

While being dazed at my sudden realization, Vio takes my hand and creates two beautiful circles.

「First, Ojousama should practice making a clean circle.」

I’m not even at the level of being able to write characters?

Well, it can’t be helped. It’s inevitable that I can’t draw a proper circle at 3 years old.

…… *Sniffle*

「…… Well then…」

I’m having my second practice secretly at night.

Because the movements of this body is awkward and disables me from drawing magic formations well, I’ll just have to examine the magic power using the knowledge and power of a Demon.

I remember the shape of a magic formation in my head, and create it using magic power.

This practice was partially influenced by the knowledge of what I saw in the world I saw within a dream. Within the dream I remember reading a book about a Which who, using nothing to create the formation, *battabatta* ー defeated her enemies.

Alright, I can do this.

「……… Umm…」

It doesn’t turn out very well.

The formation is warped for some reason when I make it. When I try to repair it it grows, and all of the characters disappear. Inside of the circle, a figure of Fish-san appeared, which took my attention away from the circle, too……

「Should I make it big…?」

On a whim, I opened the window quietly. Even when the cool wind flows into the room, there’s no sign that any Maids will come rushing in.


I fire myself up and draw a magic formation outside of the window. Its color is as dim as possible, and I create it large as to allow it to become warped to some extent. I think it was correct choice to create it outside, as it wouldn’t fit in the room.

Probably because I was too fired up, the summoning formation spreads as far as the sky over the city; but it’s impossible to see under the cover of the night sky.

The formation won’t activate so long as I don’t input any magic power, but I can manipulate it without a problem because it’s created entirely out of magic.

「…… I wonder what this would summon?」

If I’m not mistaken, an insect was summoned with this formation originally……

At that time, I noticed. Small black things had begun to spring out from the summoning formation, and began to fall onto the corner of the city.

As for the identity of the creatures…… After seeing their glossy black, rustling appearances, I close the window and sneak into bed while covering my head with a blanket.

Nn. I didn’t see anything. I know nothing.

On a certain night, large quantities of unidentified 『Shining Black Insects』 appeared, plunging local residents into confusion.

The extermination wasn’t solely done by the residents; soldiers, militia, and even lecturers from the Institute of Magic worked together to carefully search and eradicate the creatures. One week later, the extermination finally concluded.

An individual from the Institute of Magic wanted to keep one of the apparitions for research, but it was demanded that the supposed-spirits would be completely eradicated, so not even one egg remained in the end.

Some of the lower-grade Fire Spirit specialists were called for the extermination, and as if they were threatened by someone [17], they worked desperately despite seeming frightened.

And, watching over the situation from behind a window, a little girl mutters with a slightly pensive expression:

「……… I’m sorry.」in a serious tone from a distance.

[1] It’s either “Did you get fired?” or “You’ll get fired?” — either of which is fine, given the context. 何があったの、お父様? お仕事クビになりますよ?

[2] The Fairy tribe’s name, “Shiodaifuku” can be separated into “Shio Daifuku”, which is “Salt Daifuku”. The more you know.

[3] Same joking sense as ². It can be separated into Prune Mochi

[4] Previously translated as “Tariteld”, it should actually be “Tariterudo” or “Tariterude”, but because the “ru” in Japanese is often a mispronunciation of l and d next to one another, I simply added an “e” to complete “de”. 聖王国・タリテルド。

[5] It’s actually トゥール which can be “tool” or “tour” — like Tour de France.

[6] The real line is “It is a fantasy!”, but this has roughly the same meaning. ……ファンタジーですねぇ。

[7] She’s referring to essentially prolonging the Fishes’ suffering, I think

[8] Creel is a Basket used for carrying fish, by the way.

[9] The MC’s mentioning them as though both are acceptable here, which is the reason for the following lines.

[10] Essentially, it’s supposed to be “escaped”, not “disappeared”, but if it were so the planet would be crawling with summoned creatures, so I’ll use “disappeared” instead. 呼び出した瞬間に、逃げていったそうです

[11] Essentially, the MC is saying that without some sort of Physical remuneration, anything that’s summoned (other than Demons) through Summoning Magic won’t be able to get a proper physical form. Get it?

[12] The incantation would actually be something like 『Light of Light』 or even 『Light in the Light』 — so I used a secondary meaning for 『Shine in the Light』, and simplified it to match the context. 『光在ひかりあれ』 “Light” (光在 = ひかりあ) and “spontaneous occurrence” (れ).

[13] I think that the MC is commenting on how weak the light is — like “the light’s so weak that it would become useless the moment my eyes adjusted.”, but I’m not entirely sure. これ、慣れたら呪文いらないんじゃいかなぁ。

[14] “destroying Evil” could also be “fighting for Truth” 破邪のイメージで『聖光』になっていくらしい。

[15] I think the MC is referring to the relationship between God and the Spell, or perhaps Holy Magic as a whole — this is furthered by the line below, which is essentially stating that “because there’s light, people would naturally think of God” 神様関係ないじゃん。

[16] Possible reference to Aberenbo Shogun (see the opening), as pointed out by  HelloMojo でも知識の乏しい私が想像しようとすると、白馬に乗ったお父様が、着物を着て波打ち際を爆走している、暴れん坊な様子しか思い浮かばない。

[17] That really is the line here. If it was a bit different I’d have made it “As if their lives were on the line” because that seems fitting, but because this is possible foreshadowing I left it as-is

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        1. I’m neutral towards it, to be honest… Like I said, I’m mainly keeping it that way because Yuru adds adorable honorifics to things, so it wouldn’t be right to take out ojou.

          All or nothin’! That’s my motto! Sort of! Maybe!

          Not really!

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    1. I know, right~

      Machines are fine when it comes to short sentences, but when it comes to long ones, they become less and less effective.

      One day, I want to have a machine that works for ALL lengths, but alas, for now I need to work with 6 Machines + 2 dictionaries at once, and do my best.

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      As for how hard I worked… Well, it’s not THAT bad. This is only my, what… 10th thing that I’ve ever translated?

      Compared to getting used to my first thing (Chapter 6 of Sword-shisho) it’s a good deal easier, I’d think.

      Who knows, maybe you, too, could translate with Machines without knowing any Japanese at all!

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        1. I could send you a good link towards the tools I’m using, y’know~

          Join my glorious Machine TL army! We have cookies!

          Except we’re not an army ’cause it’s just me!

          And instead of cookies we have unending boredom!

          … But you didn’t have to know that last bit!

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    Though given that people “lose” the ability to use it when they start relying on different magic systems too much instead of holy magic, I’m starting to picture some hilarious show-off spirit, who’s so caught up in letting this cute girl show off her strength after being “failed” by the other spirits, that she doesn’t even notice how terrifying Yuru is. Alternatively, a spirit even more terrifying than Yuru herself.

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      As for the quality, it’s probably because my TL’ing goes through like… 5 stages? 6 stages? Something like that.

      It goes :



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      All the translation is done through 6 Translation Machine-thingies and 2 Japanese → English dictionaries, so I try my best to make it as accurate as possible~!

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  8. 悪魔 should be devil not demon.

    In Hell there are three factions. Devils,demons,and monsters.
    Devil’s are that eats souls and make contracts. Which is the type of creature she is


  9. 悪魔 should be devil not demon.

    In Hell there are three factions. Devils,demons,and monsters.
    Devil’s are that eats souls and make contracts. Which is the type of creature she is
    悪魔公女. And デヴィル プリンセス
    Here’s another example that it should be called devil not demon. This was taken from the novel.

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    1. Mhhhh~

      My only question then would be why Estelion the 35th explained that
      悪魔 = “spiritual beings that eat souls, and maintain the life and death cycle”
      魔神 = “one of the three types of greater demons”

      The other two — 魔族 and 悪魔 — seem to be under agreeable grounds, in that the former is a sort of Demonoid and the latter is literally a “Monster”. So focusing in on the first two mentioned…

      My confusion would be why the first was said to be “often read as デモン; demon” while the second would be “read as デヴィル; devil” — not the other way around as you’re saying it is. I’ve also found that the second (Once again, 魔神⟶ デヴィル) is inside of the thing you sited ( デヴィル | プリンセス (applied vertical bar for emphasis)). This is, of course, just quoting off of Estelion’s comment from way back when.

      Looking at the dictionary:
      悪魔 can be “Devil/Demon/Fiend/Satan/Evil Spirit” split as “あくま” and pronounced “Akuma” which I’ve searched and found to be related to thinks like Oni from the Yōkai spectrum.
      魔神 can be “Devil/Evil Spirit/Genie” split as “まじん” and pronounced “Mashin” which would be “Demon God”.

      If we translate those over into Western culture… Wouldn’t the one related to Oni = Demon, and the one related to a “Demon God” be something akin to Satan, and thus the “Devil”?

      I’m by no means an expert on Japan, so if I’m incorrect, please tell me so so that I can understand better. Thanks in advance~!


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      It sounds sad, but that’s just how it is. I don’t know much about the Japanese language, so there’re bound to be a ton of errors in my MTL’s anyways, so I’m really just pushing these projects around until someone else legitimately picks ’em up.

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    And it has the exact scene described in the writing as the opening…

    Where I live it was a show that was pretty well known on our local TV stations at the time, if you were born in the 80s and 90s… It is a bit cliche but awesome at the same time during its time…


  13. #13: She used to be a cat-form “demon” so I suspect that her ability to see in the dark was (and still is) top-notch, though even normal human eyes can actually see quite well in the dark if given time to adjust.


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