I was a Sword when I Reincarnated!

When I noticed it, I was in a different world… As a Sword.
Wait, what? Why?! The place I woke up was a great plain crowded with monsters, so I set off, flying in search of a wielder (women only).
Hm? A magic stone? I can gain Skills if I absorb them? This has become interesting! Hyahha, give me magic stones!
— Ah, that was a joke. I’ll take the magic stone, though.

This is the story of a mob-nerd sent into another world as a Sword. Publication has also been decided.

Note that this is a translation of the Web Novel version of ‘I was a Sword when I Reincarnated’. If someone picks up the Light Novel adaptation, I’ll link them here.

Light Novel V1 Illustrations

Hey all, due to my impatience regarding the next release (Chapter 6 at the time) possibly not coming out until the Summer of 2016 one thing led to another and I translated a chapter. The process wasn’t as bad as expected.

Note that this is the first work I’ve ever translated, and I’m using Machines to do it, so hopefully your hopes aren’t shattered if the Quality of the translation isn’t up to par/the translation differs a bit from the raws (the raws themselves are linked above all the chapters below for ease of access… If you want to use them, that is).

Also, note that I’m translating this on a whim. I’ll only translate when I’m bored, have time, and feel compelled to do so. In other words: don’t depend on regular releases — in fact, depend on incredibly sporadic ones.

As for the Chapters released by Kisato and Moonlightsways (1-5), I’ll put links here to act as a hub. I won’t be re-translating them, because there’s no real reason to do so.

Chapters 34 to 46 were translated by mllhild with me as the editor. All of the chapters we did together are also found here as if nothing happened.

As of Chapter 58, I have passed on translatorship (is that a word?) to Pengu; all chapters after that mark can be found on their site, NovelUpdates, or whatever Light/WebNovel following site you choose.

Raw Link
Chapter 1: It’s a Sword? (Kisato)
Chapter 2: I can Fly (Kisato)
Chapter 3: Encounter with Goblins! (Moonlightsways)
Chapter 4: Skills, Magic Stones, and Me (Moonlightsways)
Chapter 5: Rank Up! (Moonlightsways)
Chapter 6: Goblin・Immediately・Decapitated!
Chapter 7: Night Flight
Chapter 8: My first time using Magic
Chapter 9: Fierce Battle! The Menace of Area 5
Chapter 10: Let’s go to Area 5
Chapter 11: Departure for Lunch
Chapter 12: Can a Sword mofu a Kemonomimi?
Chapter 13: Teacher & Fran
Chapter 14: The Walk to Town
Chapter 15: Randell the Merchant
Chapter 16: Arrival at the Town of Aressa
Chapter 17: My Insignificant Doubts
Chapter 18: VS Donnadorondo
Chapter 19: We Joined the Guild
Chapter 20: Selling Materials
Chapter 21: Cliché
Chapter 22: Nell’s Side
Chapter 23: Old man Gallus
Chapter 24: Equipment Acquisition
Chapter 25: *Dokidoki* — I’m a guy, after all
Chapter 26: Saーber Tigeーr
Chapter 27: These Guys Again
Chapter 28: Resolution and Growth
Chapter 29: Spoils from the Goblins
Chapter 30: Ranking Up
Chapter 31: Organization and Verification
Chapter 32: Fran’s Side
Chapter 33: Arrangements before the Departure
Chapter 34: Goblin Subjugation – Outbreak of war
Chapter 35: Goblin Subjugation – Storming in
Chapter 36: Goblin Subjugation – Demon
Chapter 37: Goblin Subjugation – Conclusion
Chapter 38: Goblin Subjugation – Return
Chapter 39: A Cliché ‘Foolish Noble’ Appeared
Chapter 40: Poisonous Fish Seem to be Delicious
Chapter 41: Otherworldly Cooking
Chapter 42: Regarding the Future and Such
Chapter 43: What Occurred
Chapter 44: After What Occurred
Chapter 45: Return of the A Rank
Chapter 46: Introductions
Chapter 47: A Little Bit of Training
Chapter 48: A Short Spar
Chapter 49: Lessons from Ms. Amanda 〜The So-Called Explanation-Time〜
Chapter 50: Traps and Tricks
Chapter 51: Its name is Urushi
Chapter 52: Heading for Fran
Chapter 53: Exceeding the Limit
Chapter 54: Urushi and Fran
Chapter 55: Do Tricksters Feel Fear?
Chapter 56: The Core Room
Chapter 57: Returning to Aressa
Chapter 58: Klimt — Side Story

58 thoughts on “I was a Sword when I Reincarnated!”

  1. Good luck man. This stuff will suck your soul if you don’t take breaks. I literally burnt out my intrest in it Doesn’t mean that I’m not doing just that I’m not going to be doing anything till summer.


    1. Mhm. I’ll try my best (when I’m bored)!
      If/when you’d like to work on it, just contact me here and I’ll distribute the work evenly, too. That way, it’ll be less draining… Probably.


  2. hey, i wanted to thanks you for your efforts in translating this, i hope you keep doing so in the future even if it means decreasin the translation rate 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, because I’m only translating to kill time, I have no set update times.

      If someone picked this up instead, I’d be able to leisurely read it, so my motivation is solely to make the chapters readable for myself, in other words~

      Sword-shisho chapters are quite easy to translate, so I’ve been letting out one a day recently… But I never have, and never will, guarantee that’ll always be the case.

      Any chapters are better than none, so my sporadic releases are better than none, right?


      1. I guess, but thank you for translating. This novel is quickly rising in my ranks, and I would be devastated if you dropped it. I hope this was some motovation to keep releasing chapters at your on pace and keep going with the story. (Please let your pace not be my pace, which is procrastination at its finest)

        Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re the second person to ask, so I’ll give you a straight answer: there isn’t.

      I’m not really doing this for money, it’s just to curb boredom. There’s also the fact that I don’t have a Paypal or anything like that, and my card’s being a douche, so… Yeah.

      It’d be OK to get Steam Money, but that’s impossible unless someone wants to donate in fixed amounts via cards, and simply wants to Email me the codes.

      So yep. That’s the answer. There’s no donation page or anything, but enjoy your read!


      1. 1.I searched for images of the novel using the title in Japanese.
        2.the images which I used the google function to search for more sizes of them.
        3.I selected the most I found and decided to visit her page.
        4.Why lucky and found a hidden gallery on the page when I clicked it opened revealing images.


  3. Thanks this has quickly become a top 5 favorite unfinished read has everything I like in the main characters and keeps me entertained I hope you continue and know my day is made whenever you update especially after work


  4. Hi Bro, I were looking for your email, but, well i cant get it, so i’ll say it here.

    I’m starting to translate novels what are on english to spanish(my native language), and I’m here to ask your permission for translate this novel based of your work.( I’ll link this web and all that)

    Sorry if i have a failure on something, it’s a lot more easy read than write -.-“


    1. Hmhm. Go ahead, then.

      However, just to be clear, my translations are done via machines so they aren’t 100% accurate (i.e. if you translate Sword-shisho through my work, even if you do your translations manually, there will still be minute differences between it and the Raws).


      1. Thanks you.

        Well, i think, there’s times when the translator need to do some changes for get some logic in his language.

        P.D: I did double-link… i thought this comment was lost :S
        P.D.D: That mega-fail on the first phrase of the comment, so much time without writing something on english…. T-T”


  5. Pringles… this novel is like Pringles… You gotta eat the whole tube…but in this case, the chips dough is ready and you have to wait for someone to hand bake every chip.



  6. Still waiting and hoping for your return Sir Ensig, and the return of new chapters of Sword Shisho upon your arrival. Do take your time with whatever it is you are doing irl, but remember that we are here to cheer and support you with these works. Also still waiting for the rewrite of Undead Life. I love your work.


  7. Just a quick notice, Ensig said that he has stopped translating and it looks like pengu has continued the translations from after chapter 57. Thanks for all the great work so far Ensig and can’t wait to read any other works that you decide to translate.


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