Life(?) as an Undead

Note that this is the Old version. The New Version is currently in progress, with updates towards the story’s direction, improvements towards Status and Skill Boxes, vigorous improvements to the style of dialogue, and more.

A man who was gifted with the blessing of “Talent” on Earth finds himself at odds with the way of the world — gifting those with talent and scorning those who do not — and ends his life while embracing a fate of withering away into nothing.

Such a fate is not to be, however, as the man finds himself in another world shortly after. The world of Ariot. Unlike how one would expect, however… He was born a bit differently than then norm.

Follow the man as he adjusts to this new world, encounters challenges, and lives(?) his new life.

Mature subject matter such as Scenes of Gore, Mild Language, and Nudity will be present. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Volume 1: The Accursed Graveyard’s Requiem


25 thoughts on “Life(?) as an Undead”

    1. Seeing as the MC is Asexual: lolno.

      It could end up as an unrequited reverse-harem at best. But before that comes within a mile of my work, I’ll have to get the MC out of the Graveyard.


          1. Chest box that contain the scrolls or orbs have skills in mazes or dungeons somewhere or something?
            It may become very comedy yet very very … ? if he found an artifact(s) that can make copy of him but female version of him! XD


              1. Well just read first chapter then comments so not really know much later, my bad.
                Ps: Just think of him a little like Hikigaya Hachiman when he thinks and sees how ugly the world is though Hachiman is more of Monster of logic.


      1. So MC has no desire at all? Sounds like most japanese harem MC I have read about or watched. Seriously, could they act the way they do if they had any desire? I don’t think so


        1. Mhm, I understand that much.

          My MC won’t be like that, though. They’re not dense to other people’s emotions (touched on in the Prologue), so finding out if someone’s interested in them is easy. It just makes no difference.

          Friends, love, and relationships in general… There’s little use to them in the eyes of the MC. Information is useful, such things are not.


          1. Honestly from the way you’ve written the story so far I can imagine it developing into him/her (It’s a bit of both, past male and present female) will find the classic ‘hero’ character or just some random guy on the streets who gives the MC a strong reason to follow him as the MC described everyone having a motive in getting close it made him avoid these sort of connections and foreshadowing a person in the near future who the MC gets strongly attached to as they hold no motives in getting close to the MC.

            ‘Personal speculations’ Honestly I feel like it might turn into the MC’s yandere complex as he finds this person the only interesting thing and becomes the MC’s main reason to not yearn death which could turn into quite a comedy act and/orrrr creepy af! Either way I look forward to it and… I’m waiting for chapter 10, I need a ‘razzle’ for my dazzle! (could be taken wrongly but I see it as saying it keeps things interesting, seriously I need this, I’m way too attached the story at this moment in time. xD )


  1. Please make more of this. With just a few chapters, is enough to entice wanting to know more about the story. Please, make some more chapters when you have time in between the other novels (if you can, at least).


  2. So I’m not sure if I’m getting this right, but are you planning on leaving the old version up for now, but replacing it with the new version’s chapters as you release them? Regardless, I’m excited to see how it changes. Thanks for your work, Ensig.


    1. The old version will remain in the Archive, and a new version will be released in its stead out of the Archive. I still have to amass a decent amount of chapters before I release any of that, though.

      I hope you’ll find the updated version as good, if not better than, this version.


      1. I’m sure I will. If I’ve learned anything about you from reading your story so far, it’s that you’ve got high standards for yourself, so I’ll trust you’ll put out something worth looking forwards to.


      2. So the story is going to be updated and improved? Thank goodness, I was going to check if there was a new chapter and couldn’t find it in the menu (mobile) until I looked in archive. Thought for a moment you had dropped it for good. Is great that the story will continue.


  3. Hey Ensig, just checking to see if you plan on doing anymore writing/translating or if you’ve dropped the blog to pursue other goals. Either way just hoping that you’re well.


    1. Sorry for the late reply, I don’t check this place often!

      I’ve been heavily considering returning to both, but the former I’m having trouble with (writers block) and the latter I’d rather do legitimately (i.e. not MTL). I’m in uni now, so time is also an issue… But we’ll see.


    1. Yes and yes. I’ve slowed down a bit (I’m in University now), but I’m still making progress every now and then, even if it’s mainly in the form of the Setting of the story and other such background-esque information.

      It means a lot that people like you are still checking in, so thank you. I won’t make any promises in regards to dates, as always, but I don’t plan on giving up on this project.


      1. Every now and then I check to see if there’s something new added. Nice to see you haven’t dropped this, I’m kinda hyped about the story to be honest. Keep up the good work and take care. 👍


    1. It is, but it’s slow going. Building an entire universe starting from the mythos takes a long time, it seems. I also have university to worry about, so… Yep. It’s coming along, but I can’t give a solid date for when I’ll have something I’m satisfied with.


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