Sword-shisho C48: Slayer of Cliffhangers, Harbinger of Combat

… I need a hobby.

Chapter’s here.


26 thoughts on “Sword-shisho C48: Slayer of Cliffhangers, Harbinger of Combat”

  1. Shhhhhh you don’t need a hobby just stay here and translate more of this story…yes, yes good job, if you want a break go read something never stop thinking about words and books, good, good…..

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      1. I would suggest art. I tried all sorts. Clay was fun but a pain to execute, drawing/shading was great, oil pastels = horribad for me, watercolors blew chunks since I like bold colors which I just felt watered down in this form. ikr weird.lol jewelry was crap for me too, things never turned out how I had envisioned them. Anyway best to try a little of everything until you either find something you like or realize art is not for you. =p Feel free to post any ‘works’ you make.


      1. To stick with somewhat serious recommendations, you could look into developing new skills through online courses. It’s not exactly a hobby, but it’s a good use of time and quite fun if you’re actually getting results. (The “getting results” thing being key, it’s your own time, so just focus on material you’re actually interested in and can understand.)


        1. This would of been great advice for myself when I was a Hikineet. Sadly I wasted my time with games, useless banter and running… Well it was interesting in its own way.


  2. How about collecting postcards? But instead of traveling around to acquire them, you’d instead have us readers send them to you. 😀

    You could decide on a theme of the month, and for every x number of postcards you receive, you’d release a chapter.


    1. Great idea!

      But only sad thing is that there have not been any blessings from the god of boredom today 😦
      And that it would most likly only be 1-3 extra chapters pr. month at max.

      but it would be better to begin colecting stamps and coins from all over the world at the same time and release more chapters for ever x number new stamp/coin goten.
      that way it wil drive three difrent hobbys at the same time and give us more of the awsome fran and teacher. 😛


    2. Hehh. Nah. I only translate when I feel like it, so there’ll never be a schedule or stockpile of owed chapters while I’m the sole person working on the series.

      Just think of me as a leecher who got too impatient.


      1. Well one chapther here and one chapter there are better than no chapters so take your time with them while we pray to the god of boredom for his/her blessing.
        Or the god of translations blessing.


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