Sword-shisho C47: Put in his Place

The gods of boredom hath blessed thee, reader. That blessing is mine curse. It also hath made mine speech an oddity for the remainder of this Page.

Thine chapter hast made its haven here.



10 thoughts on “Sword-shisho C47: Put in his Place”

  1. You know that in English language the saying of “thee” and “thine” was considered informal when it was popular back then, right?

    And that what we’re saying now was considered formal…


    1. Hmhm. You’re the second one to ask where you could speak with me in private, with the other not responding… As I said with them, just here is fine. I approve/look over every single comment that happens on this domain, so just finding a random page (like a far-past Sword-shisho chapter) would work, as I could just delete the comment after reading it over.

      As for more private methods of conversation… I’d have to know what you want to contact me to offer those.


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