Taking/Took a Short Break

Regarding why I haven’t updated for a couple of days: I’m taking a short break. Even dedicated TL’s take ’em, so it should be expected that non-dedicated TL’s like me do as well, right?

Regarding the progress of things…

First: I’m changing the schedule of Undead Life(?) (again).
It’ll be Tuesdays and Fridays, with Wednesdays dedicated to Supplementary chapters (if any). If there aren’t any S chapters to do, then Wednesdays won’t have any Undead Life(?) release.

As for the Translations: there’s still no schedule. Find someone to legit-translate this stuff. Seriously.

I’ll start working on Translations again on Monday. Probably. As a side note: if you expect Gentle Demon to be released on Monday your hopes will be shattered. So don’t, I guess.


39 thoughts on “Taking/Took a Short Break”

  1. on WHICH (day of the month) monday? I’ve been waiting a chapter of reincarnated as a sword for an entire week, could you please tell me when you are going to translate it so I can stop checking everyday?


    1. It’s surprising that more people don’t use RSS readers and setup a filter for ‘sword-shisho’. That’s the easiest way to do it, plus no need to go nuts checking over and over (& over & over & ovaa ;> ) again.

      This said, thank you kindly Ensig for all the translations.


    2. It’s surprising that more people don’t use RSS readers and setup a filter for ‘sword-shisho’. That’s the easiest way to do it, plus no need to go nuts checking over and over (& over & over & ovaa ;> ) again.

      This said, thank you kindly Ensig for all the translations and effort. It’s clearly visible. :>


        1. Please Google “rss reader filter”.

          My personal favorite is FeedDemon, for Windows. It’s free.

          If you’re on Android, Aggregator is simple & good. It’s worth spending money to disable advertisements.


  2. Ma hopes are SHATTERED~!

    ahaha, naaa I’m really enjoying all of your projects actually 🙂
    Take your time, It’s a hobby, not a job~


  3. Eh? Taking a break? How dare you sir! For someone who isn’t PAID to translate to graciously translate and post novels for FREE to take something like a break! Also how dare you take a break from writing, writer’s are just robots that spew words out right (oh god how I wish I could just write without any difficulty *sigh*)
    I’m sure your tired of my sarcasm, I say don’t worry about it Ensig any translation is greatly appreciated though I am looking forward to the next chapter of your novel ^^ I hopefully will be throwing mine up Monday night… if I can figure out word press. After I can get it working I’d appreciate it if you took a look at that time.


    1. Uhuhuhu. Writing is still pretty difficult, especially given the fact that ~90% of the work done on my Novel is comprised of Command writeups — some of which may never see the light of day. 100% worth it, though.

      WordPress is a real pain, though, huh~. It’d be a pleasure to give your work a read once it’s up, so make sure to tell me when it is!


      1. Will do! I’m pretty lucky… my buddy used word press for work for 2 years so said he’ll school my newb self. I’m a heavy inspiration based type? Meh so many times I just stare at the screen with that “DuuH?” look on my face until I force myself to write a bunch, then promptly delete it wondering what was I thinking!?! But in the end it’s fun~


    1. Ahh, yeah. I’m fine. I just found stuff that managed to keep my attention more than Translating (they’re mainly books and such), so until those things run dry I won’t be translating.


      It should have been expected, right? I warned all of you, after all.


  4. Hello there. I was Just wondering if you’ve said to other translators that they could pick up lax demon. If you don’t really intend to continue it of course.
    I want to read more fluffy, neck-bending love and I do know you’re not really motivated lately. Just to be clear, I’m not blaming you, this is fucking hard work.


    1. Yep yep. Any of my translations can be picked up by other people, ’cause I’d much rather have other people work hard while I sit back and read. So… Yep, other people can pick it up if they want.


      1. while I understand translations have been put on hold, what’s going to happen with “undead life”? My understanding is that it was your original work. Has this fallen by the wayside as well? If so I’m going to kind of miss our reincarnated apathetic zombie


        1. If they hadn’t I don’t believe there would be much awareness of it. If you’re angry about there being no translations then I think the translator has sufficiently generated interest with their translations. I believe from the start this translator had no real intention of finishing the translation. Beside, I believe that expecting any translator to translate a work completely for free is unrealistic. Not to even mention the legal grey area these translations so often reside in.


        2. Wow Felipe, chill. Ensig did say it is Just a hobby. And we would have zero shisho chapter without him. Maybe Thanks to him another translator Will notice it and continue. The same goes for lax demon.


  5. Hey engsig, I’ve been translating the new chapter and I was wondering if you could help by just taking a look over it? If your interested let me know if you have discord or some way of contact.


        1. Ehh, 32 then?

          I… Actually finished that chapter already and just forgot to post it.


          I’ll post it in a couple of minutes, so your work was for naught this time. Still, comparing the translations (even though mine are probably a bit inaccurate) will let you know how well you did I guess.

          So there’s that.


          1. Actually I was working on 33 since 32 was a side story. But thanks for the hard work! I’ll give you what I have for 33 so far if you want, it’ll be easier then starting from scratch.


            1. Whew. Was worried for a moment there, ’cause I know how difficult translating can be sometimes…

              Anyways, if you have a Google Docs thingy, you can just put what you’ve got already into a doc, then make it visible to other people and give me the link.

              With that much I’ll be able to make a copy of said doc and take the lines you’ve completed.


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