Sword-shisho C32 is here~

Sword-shisho is here!

Undead Life(?) will have a chapter released in a little bit, too!

Regarding my short break… It’s not exactly over just yet.

Tehe winky-face.

Yes, verbalize that winky face in your mind.

I’ve been reading, playing games, and RP-ing to pass the time, and that’s been at a higher priority in my mind than translating/reformatting Undead Life(?), which is the main reason for the break.

Buuuut now I’ve been getting bored of reading and such recently, so I figured I’d format another chapter of mine today. So how did that lead to a Sword-shisho chapter, you ask? Well, it was actually translated a couple of days ago, I just forgot to post it.

Tehe winky-face Mk.2.

Because I’ve been drawing away from stuff that made me take a break, more chapters might be coming, but I’ll make no promises because I’m unreliable and selfish.

Regarding Gentle Demon… Take a wild guess.

Did you guess? Well, if your guess was anything other than “0 Progress” then you’re absolutely incorrect. A certain glasses-wearing individual said they might be willing to work on Gentle Demon, so there’s that.

Anyways, enjoy the chapters~


15 thoughts on “Sword-shisho C32 is here~”

  1. Glasses wearing individual? That names a large amount of the otaku population. Including myself o.o’
    Too many nights reading novels in the dark….

    Anyways~ Welcome back~


  2. I’m sorry, but every time you say winky face I read it as wrinkly gave and imagine some grandad smiling at me


  3. Hahaha
    Good to hear from you!
    Your profile pic makes it hard to imagine you winking.
    And that grampa pic freaked me out cos I scrolled too fast >.<


  4. Overwatch…I can’t see “;)” or “LOL” anymore without hearing it in D.Vas voice in my head :D.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  5. Thanks for the chapter! Feel free to take all the time you need for breaks. The readers will always be waiting for awesome releases. XD


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