I wonder if this still counts as Spring Cleaning…

All the chapters now have proper Footnotes! It was more tedious than expected, but it gave me a chance to go through all of the chapters and make minor tweaks as well, so I’d say it was well worth the time.

In regards to releases… There’ll be none tonight, because I have stuff to do tomorrow. Said stuff won’t take all day, but it’ll require me to be at my full non-sleep-deprived state, so rather than translating now I’ll just sleep.

A chapter of Sword-shisho might come tomorrow if I’m not fatigued! If not, RIP my arms!

For Gentle-demon… *shrug*
If I devote my time to it tomorrow I might squeeze the chapter out, but it’s unlikely. We’ll see.

For my own work, I plan on making a release every Wednesday, so that’ll come in 2 days (or 1 depending on your time zone). The supplementary chapter keeps getting put on the back burner, but it’s not exactly necessary, so eh.


6 thoughts on “I wonder if this still counts as Spring Cleaning…”

  1. “For Gentle-demon… (snip)
    If I devote my time to it tomorrow I might squeeze the chapter out (snip)”

    Does a little happy dance!

    Do you recommend we reread any chapters now that you made your tweaks?


    1. Don’t get your hopes up~

      For the chapters: Nah, you don’t have to re-read ’em. The changes were really minor: slight grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and footnote moves — stuff like that.


  2. Hey Ensig,

    Thank’s for keeping us up to date with what’s been happening 🙂
    Even if it’s not a chapter update, it’s nice to hear your ramblings.

    Too bad there isn’t any chat box~


    1. Yep yep~

      I have no idea how to make a chat box of any kind, and because I’m using .com instead of .org for WordPress, the amount of things that I can do is pretty limited (at least plugin-wise).

      Maybe I’ll make one when I shift to .org, but that’s a very tentative maybe.


  3. I made a post on /r/noveltranslations to send some more traffic over here. Let me know if you need help with wordpress technical or whatever at some point I do IT for a living!


    1. Ehhh~

      Thanks for that!

      In terms of technical stuff… I’d greatly appreciate it! I’ll let you know if I come across something that I can’t manage when I make the shift!


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