Visit Sword-shisho 25 for all your feminine needs!

Or, to most of you out there, to see how a sword with the mind of a male reacts to panties. Here is is!

Regarding why this wasn’t posted last night: I was tired. Like… So tired that I had to read over English things about 6 times to understand them. Yep. It was kind of disorienting, but after a good night’s rest I’m alright.

Oh, I had forgotten to mention in the update post, but… One of the things I changed during my “spring cleaning” was Donna Dorondo’s name. It’s now just one word: Donnadorondo.

As for the reason: uniformity. You may have noticed that all other Appraisals up to this point only had one word for the name. This might change for Royalty and such… But it isn’t included in Appraisal.

I actually noticed that the chapter Donna was introduced, but because Sword-shisho had said “he doesn’t look like a Donna” I figured it might be an exception… Until I re-read the fight scene and found out that he had referred to Donna as both Donnadorondo and Donna — meaning he was just shortening it for convenience. The joke was really just that: a joke.

So yeah.

As for anything else… Oh, Tree of Savior was F2P as of the 10th. I’ve been playing it, but it’s not exactly soul-grasping in terms of addiction, especially because some of the spawn points are increeeeeeeeeedibly slow.

I’d tell you guys my name(s) in the game, but… I forgot them, because I make names by making weird noises in my room and putting them down as onomatopoeias. I could go onto ToS to check, but… Eh.

Another chapter might come tonight, but it’s unlikely. I’ll be releasing a chapter of Undead Life(?) and then I’ll probably just work on Gentle Demon.


3 thoughts on “Visit Sword-shisho 25 for all your feminine needs!”

    1. Supposedly: yes.

      Looking on the forums there’re a couple of things that could be changed, like the implementation of proper trading and stuff…

      But I don’t think there’s really any pay-to-win at this point. Just a lot of grinding (which I don’t mind — spawn rates should be a bit higher for it, though).


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