Ensig’s Writings.

This is where I, Ensig, will record my writings/translations for the world to see. You’re welcome to read them at your leisure, so long as some technological wizardry doesn’t muck everything up and stop everyone from accessing the posts.

I also have an account on Royal Road, my Profile can be found here. Most of the content that I publish there will be here as well, with the exception of things like Status Updates and such.
That being said, I prefer Royal Road’s formatting options over WordPress’, so it may be a better idea to read there… But that’s really up to you, sir/madam.

Each Story I write (of which there is currently One) will have its own category, so you can use the Widget/sidebar/thingy-on-the-right to access them at any time.
For now, as I’m just getting used to WordPress, the setup isn’t optimal, so if anyone has any pointers I’d be glad to hear them.

It’s the same with Translations, but note that I’m doing MACHINE TRANSLATIONS, so don’t expect 100% accuracy and/or perfection!

Just in case things have gone terribly wrong, you may access the main pages here:

Life(?) as an Undead

I was a Sword when I Reincarnated!

2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Thx you for continuing on “IWASWIR”!?. . . (nope! cant short it down)!
    I have miss it for a will now so im thankful to you Ensig!
    Thanks for your good work and I hope for a good speed on youre translating from now on. 😉
    P.s I like “LIFE(?) AS AN UNDEAD” as well. . . creeape but AWSOME!
    good luck and God… Writings? to you. ;P


    1. Maybe iWaSwiR or just WSR? Those’re the important words from the title, so that might work… But yeah, it’s quite the mouthful, huh?

      As for missing this work, I know the feeling~ However, my Translations are more of a hobby if anything, and will be at the side of making my own work (which actually has far more chapters than I’ve made public thus far).

      Thanks for the review on it! It’ll get more graphic in a little bit, and there’s still a ton of System things left to investigate, but I’ll try my best to keep it at a “good” level!


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