Chapter 6: Goblin・Immediately・Decapitated!

This is my first Translation of any kind. Please treat it well, and point out any mistakes I’ve made! I didn’t write this, once again, I just translated it! Enjoy!

※ ※ ※

『Magic Stone getー!』


『As expected, dens are delicious!』

Currently, I’m in a Goblin den.

But I wasn’t able to find it on my own; I followed an underling Goblin and found it.

I just let it swim about for a bit, and it led me here all on its own. With that, I can clear them out all at once. What a great strategy, right?

I had followed the Goblin by flying at low altitude, with my footwork being was completely silent. Well, I don’t have any feet, but that’s how it was.

I must have been stalking him for… Probably close to an hour? The Goblin had started dancing abruptly at points, and became engrossed with the sight of ants walking in procession, so most of my time was completely wasted.

I didn’t even observe the Goblin for a long time, but its actions were quite irritating. Because it advanced so slowly, I had contemplated killing it many times.

『Beheading that Gob left a deep impression on me.』

I’d like to praise myself for enduring for as long as I did.

And so, I’ve continued to assassinate Goblins since then.

I should have gotten rid of more than 30 already, but an uproar has yet to occur. Have they really not noticed me yet?

Oh, this is quite a wide passage.』

I continue my advance. Around the corner’s a large room; it’s about 20 meters in length, but the height is a little less than 10 meters.

Inside, crowded together, there’re Goblins, Goblins, and more Goblins. There must be more than 50 of them.

1 on 1, they’re nothing but small fry, but in these numbers they’re a considerable threat. I can easily defeat even medium-sized monsters, but… That’s the power of a group for you.

Later I learned that the Threat Level spikes when Demonic Beasts that can use group tactics make a horde.

The Threat Level a lone Goblin possesses is ‘G’. However, it becomes ‘F’ when there are 10 and ‘E’ when there’re more than 100.

By the way, Threat Level ‘E’ is the equivalent of a Lesser Basilisk or an Ogre. It’s at the level that entire villages are essentially doomed.

And, at the back of the room sat an eye-catching existence. Many wounds are engraved onto its face, and its build is close to twice that of the other Goblins. Its appearance fits the word “Veteran” to a tee. It’s dressed in Iron Armor, with a huge Sword propped up to the side; both were likely taken from Adventurers.

Ohh! Bingo!』

Race : Goblin King : Evil Beast : Demonic Beast Lv.21

HP :87 MP :26 STR :47 END :39 AGI :26 INT :17 MGC :16 DEX :29 [1]

Coercion :Lv1, Sword Techniques :Lv2, Sword Arts :Lv4, Leadership :Lv4, Raise Morale :Lv3, Shield Arts :Lv2, Provocation :Lv1, Throwing :Lv1, Ambition :Lv1, Vigor Manipulation

Broken Crude-Iron Long Sword, Cracked Crude-Iron Armor, Leather Shield, Leather Loincloth

Its Status is incomparable to the other Goblins. It truly is the Goblin King.

『Perhaps they’re aware of an intruder, but chose to defend the King?』

While looking at its Status, I trembled in delight. Excitement, like one you would get standing before an all-you-can-eat buffet, welled up.

Moreover, I’ve confirmed that the other guys are the best of their kind. There’re Soldiers, Archers, Knights, Mages, Thieves, Warriors, Monks, Healers, and Shamans, most of which had unconfirmed existences until now.

『Let’s get to it!』

I thoroughly enhance my power. Telekinesis’ strength is capable of being changed depending on the mental image, and it’s possible to generate tremendous acceleration with Telekinesis via magic.

Making use of this, I name this move The Telekenesis Catapult Attack! Kukuku, the first to taste it is you, Goblin King!

Dashing around the corner, I aim at the Goblin King and release my power. I went from 0 to max speed near instantly, and in no time I arrived at the King.

Telekinesis is completely silent, and so the Goblin King wasn’t able to react at all.

With that, I pierced right into its face.

*DOBON!* [2]

I, who flew at the head of the Goblin King, became stuck in the wall.

My power is frightening even to myself. It’s surpassed the level of a catapult; it’s already at the level of a cannon.

With a slight delay, the Goblin King’s body slowly fell, and for an instant, silence dominated the room.

After that instant, shrieks and angry shouts resonate within the small space from the Goblins.


One guy panicked and, flustered, ran up to the body of the King and roared. There certainly are many reactions.

Then, besides the King, the guy who must be something like the King’s Adjutant shouts out something amidst the chaos. After that, 5 Goblins turn towards the passage and start running.

The Goblins, who don’t think that a sword can move of its own volition, seem to think that somebody threw a sword from the depths of the passage.

Thinking so, all of the Goblins turned their eyes to the passage.

Idiots! There’ll be no one there even if you all look that way!

Smoothly, I slid out of the wall. With that momentum, I collided with the Adjutant.

Or rather, it’s no exaggeration to say I specifically targeted this guy.

『Give me your Magic Skills!』

As a tactical goal I aimed at the King, but as far as Goblins are concerned the one I wanted to defeat the most would have to be this Goblin Mage. I was dying for this guy’s Skills ever since I saw them.

Race : Goblin Mage : Evil Beast: Demonic Beast Lv.9

HP:27 MP:36 STR : 14 END:15 AGI:20 INT:16 MGC:19 DEX:12

Minerology :Lv1, Leadership :Lv1, Staff Arts :Lv2, Quarterstaff Arts :Lv1, Fire Magic :Lv3, MGC ↑ Low, Magic Manipulation.

Broken Oak Staff, Fur Robe

Fuhahahahahaha! With this, I can use magic!』

It’s magic in a different world! One of the yearnings of the otakus! There’s no way I wouldn’t want to use it!

That very same magic has just fallen into my hands! There’s no helping it if I’m a little excited!

『But before trying Magic, I’ll finish up with these guys!』

From there, it was a one sided slaughter.

The increased Morale brought about by the King disappeared alongside him, so the Goblins quickly started panicking and fell into disorder. The Mage, which had the ability to quell the confusion, had disappeared as well.

Top of their species or not, they’re no match when they’re no longer acting as a group. Normal Goblins can’t even deal damage to me, so long as it isn’t a critical.

And so, the Goblins that lost the power of the group became nothing but a disorderly crowd. Or rather, due to their close proximity, their numbers only ended up obstructing their movements, so they might have become even less of a threat.

『Alright, this guy’s the last Archer!』

As for the other guys who could attack over long distances, I cleared them all up. Afterwards, to me who couldn’t be attacked due to staying close to the ceiling, the crowd of EXP Values could only look up.

I simply defeated Goblins while flying around the outskirts of the herd, taking precedence on the ones who tried to run away to keep any from escaping. A considerable amount of Goblins still escaped, but 30 of them were still hunted down in the end.

The improvement of my Skill Levels surprised me. When I absorbed the power of the Goblins’ Magic Stones Sword Arts and Club Arts improved in succession.

It seems that when I have the same Skill as my enemy, absorbing their Magic Stone increases Skill Proficiency. Or perhaps I simply absorb the accumulated Level of the enemy’s Skills? Well, either way, the fact that my Skills can be improved is pleasant information.

Fuhahahahaha! Give me the experience!』

Today’s Status!:

Name :Unknown

Race :Intelligent Weapon

ATK: 212 MP: 400/400 Durability: 200/200 [3]

Appraisal :Lv6, Self-Repair, Self-Evolution 〈Rank 2 ・Magic Stone Level :185/300 ・Memory :12 ・Points :0〉, Self-Modification, Telekinesis, Telepathy, ATK ↑ Low, Owner ALL Stats ↑ Low, Owner HP Recovery ↑ Low, MP ↑ Low, Skill Sharing, Sorcery

Set Skills:
Stealth :Lv1, Evasion ↑ :Lv1, Vigilance :Lv1, Sword Arts :Lv1, Impact Resistance :Lv1, Vibration Sensing :LV1, Throwing :LV1, Magic Absorption :Lv1, Anesthetic Fang, Bird's Eye View, Poison Fang, Floating

Memory Skills:
Digging :Lv1, Dismantling :Lv1, Leg Strength ↑ :Lv1, Archery :Lv1, Club Arts :LV1, Harvesting :Lv1, Leadership :Lv1, Hunting :Lv1, Shield Arts :Lv1, Survival Arts :Lv1, Spear Arts :Lv1, Martial Arts :Lv1, Shortbow Arts :Lv1, Dagger Arts :Lv1, Weather Prediction :Lv1, Climbing :Lv1, Poison Resistance :Lv1, Disease Resistance :Lv1, Axe Arts :Lv1, Paralysis Resistance :Lv1, Trap Creation :Lv1, Smell Enhancement, Absorption Enhancement, Kobold Language, Digestion Enhancement, Pain Reduction, Taste Enhancement

NEW Skills:
Coercion :Lv1, Transportation :Lv1, Recovery Magic :Lv1, Singing :Lv1, Fear Resistance :Lv1, Sword Dancing :Lv1, Acrobatics :Lv1, Contract Magic :Lv1, Conceal Presence :Lv1, Sword Techniques :Lv1, Summon Kin :Lv1, Pugilist Arts :Lv1、Mineralogy :Lv1, Raise Morale :Lv1, Flexibility :Lv1, Instantaneous Movement :Lv1, Purification Magic :Lv1, Staff Arts :Lv1, Small Axe Arts :Lv1, Pickpocket :Lv1, Mental Resistance :Lv1, Oath Magic :Lv1, Medicine Manufacturing :Lv1, Quarterstaff Arts :Lv1, Warhammer Arts :Lv1, Longbow Arts :Lv1, Provocation :Lv1, Escape :Lv1, Engineering :Lv1, Drowsiness Resistance :Lv1, Ambition :Lv1, Belly Crawl :Lv1, Club Arts :Lv1, Support Magic :Lv1, Carpentry :Lv1, Herbalism :Lv1, Cooking :Lv1, Night Vision, Vigor Manipulation, AGI ↑ Low, MGC ↑ Low, Magic Manipulation

[1] The previous translators used the literal translations of these Status values (excluding HP and MP, which were already using the English Alphabet), but I’ve put them into Game-like format for space conservation.
For those who want to know what the literal translations SHOULD be: STR = Physical Strength, END = Physical Fitness, AGI = Agility, INT = Intelligence, MGC = Magic Power, DEX = Dexterity. I’ll be using the shortened Game-like terms from now on when they’re used under the context of Stats, but I’ll use their proper names if they fit better. Either way, the two ways of saying them are synonymous.

[2] This is the sound for ‘Breaking’.

[3] Once again, I’ll be changing them to more game-like values. ATK = Attack Power, MP = “Held Magic Power”. Durability is Durability.

Now some Notes regarding Skill Names:

  • War Staff Arts → Quarterstaff Arts as per Faceman’s suggestion
  • Narcotic Fang → Anesthetic Fang as per greedxviii’s suggestion
  • Transportation (運搬, translated as-is, but it relates to Carriages)
  • Sword Dancing (曲剣術, it’s essentially ‘Musical Sword Arts’. ‘Sword Dancing’ was the first thing that came to mind, so there it is)
  • Instantaneous Movement (瞬発 is ‘Instantaneous’. Just that one word. Breaking the characters down to しゅんぱつ results in the same thing, but two of my Machines mentioned Movement, so I’ll go with that until proven otherwise)
  • Mental Resistance (精神耐性, as-is, but Mental could also be “Soul”. I’ll keep it as Mental for now, but if someone who knew Japanese could clarify, that’d be great)
  • Club Arts (棒術, ‘Stick-fighting Arts’. It mentioned Cudgels, so I’m pretty sure that’s where the other TL’s got Club from. Because of that, I’m rolling with it. If it’s wrong, tell me)

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  1. Physical fitness? Seriously? It’s Endurance, have you ever played an RPG? END is one of values based off an English word like STR and AGI.


    1. Umm~ yes?

      If I didn’t I wouldn’t have compounded the Stats.

      The list of Stat equivalences in ¹ was the literal translation of the Stats. i.e 体力 = Physical Fitness — which is synonymous with “Endurance”.


    1. Ah, the arrows used early on have compatibility issues with Tablets and Phones. I work on the Computer, so I wasn’t aware of it until just recently, so… Yeah.

      They’re supposed to be arrows. I’ll swap out the current arrows with more compatible ones (← & →) eventually.


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