Sword-shisho C54: Magic > Webs

Chapter’s here.

In regards to why it took so long, and also why chapters have been less frequent lately… It’s because I started playing Warframe on the PS4. Yep. I’ll probably get out of the addiction towards it soon enough, given the fact that I’m running out of things to do in it, but that’s why I’ve been translating less and less lately.


22 thoughts on “Sword-shisho C54: Magic > Webs”

    1. I have the PS4 version downloaded as well, but… My laptop isn’t meant for gaming, and attempting to use a controller results in a ~0.1 second delay on in-game actions like hacking consoles. Because of that, I’m left with severe lag and the keyboard+mouse layout… Which I’m terrible with.

      And so, PS4!


    1. Yeah. I’m reaching the end of the ‘explore and unlock planets’ part of Warframe, and getting to the point where I’ll have to farm for Mods that I don’t have (like Split Chamber) solely for the sake of reaching full endgame.


  1. it’s too bad tho the ps4 version is almost always about 1-2 patches behind in content on warframe tho with the recent slowdown in content patches that may have changed a bit lol haven’t played for a while.


    1. Yeah, but I personally think that’s a good thing. If the PC version is first, then they get to deal with all of the hotfixes (or at least most of them), so the console versions get ‘optimized’ updates instead.

      Plus we can make use of the delay to prepare stuff like Forma, Potatoes, etc.


    1. Oh, I’ve started it. It’s just… I’ve only been translating ~5% of the chapter every time I sat down to translate.

      The fact that I’m not currently craving any chapters is also slowing the pace.


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