Sword-shisho C51: Sword’s best friend?

Chapter’s here.

Seeing as I have nothing better to do, I’ll be writing down my speculation on the contents of this chapter here, so don’t read this until you’ve read the chapter first.

Still here? Well, alright.

Essentially, I think Teacher was made from one of Fenrir’s Fangs.

My reasoning is pretty simple. The fact that the wolves are Kin makes it obvious that Teacher’s related to Fenrir, who I’m speculating as either sealed by the Gods — perhaps for reasons similar to Fenrir’s sealing in Norse Mythology — or transcended and became a God, with the latter speculation being what I’m leaning towards given the mention of the God Wolf in Urushi’s Titles.

Anyways. Teacher being able to summon wolf-kin would only make sense if his body was exceedingly similar to that of a wolf, so I’m about 80% sure he’s made with Fenrir bits. The other 20% is due to the possibility that he was just a sword jabbed into an altar to absorb Fenrir’s essence like a magnet, thus eventually becoming so attuned to Wolves that he can summon them. In that 20% case, I’d go with the ‘sealed’ story for Fenrir. For the 80%, I’d go with the ‘transcended’ story for Fenrir.

Or maybe it’s something entirely different. *shrug*


15 thoughts on “Sword-shisho C51: Sword’s best friend?”

  1. The most famous, currently, sword stuck in a stone pedestal is the Master Sword, wielded by a long line of Link characters, who seem to have very strong affinities for wolves. So obviously that means that Teacher’s creator was obviously Miyamoto….

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  2. Since the chapter it mencioned fenrir I’ve been thinking along those lines, they did mention there being an altar to the fenrir in those plains but nothing about a sword being there. So in my opinion, the altar is where fenrir was sealed, but it wanted to leave that placed so it escaped through the sword which would be the shape of his soul. And maybe the fenrir was the reincarnation of the protagonist. But don’t listen to me I’m delusional 90% of the time.

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  3. they mention that the maokami plain is the pace were fenrir got kill, it think that whoever deaded it, may have took some material from it and made sensei, then placed him in the altar


  4. By all the perfectly roasted meats in the seven holy hells, those theories are perfect…..Also how the heck did I miss that “Kin of the Wolf God” title? Answer? I was in too much of a hurry to find out about Fran….. Tehe! ; P


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