Sword-shisho C46: sporadic again.

So, I’m translating and editing all by myself again, as Mllhild has dropped Sword-shisho due to personal reasons. That being the case, releases will be whenever they’re finished as before.

Chapter’s here.


8 thoughts on “Sword-shisho C46: sporadic again.”

    1. *shrug*

      Anywhere on the site is fine. You could select a random chapter from any of the works to comment in if that’d make you feel comfortable.

      Otherwise… Steam, Hotmail, and Google Drive are all options. I’d need to know the reason for you wanting to contact me before I release any of that info, though.


  1. mllhild thanks for all the effort you put into your translations. RL should always come first. Thanks for everything, hope your daily routine becomes less stressful without having to mind a deadline.

    Ensig no worries about the releases becoming irregular, hope you just go with the flow while working when the time/mood is right.

    Thanks once again for the chappie.

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