Sword-shisho’s schedule has changed (again)

Because Mllhild’s time for Translating has decreased to 10h per week maximum due to irl stuff, the new schedule for Sword-shisho will become one chapter a week, and the designated day for releases will tentatively be Mondays (‘tentatively’ because I don’t know what day would really be the best just yet).

This change in schedule will also affect the release of C46, which will be delayed until next week; expect it on any day between the 5th and the 9th.


13 thoughts on “Sword-shisho’s schedule has changed (again)”

    1. Honestly, I don’t even know or care if there is a release schedule for the stuff I read. I just check 4 – 5 times a day, and if there is no new chapter, I move on.

      So, if a chapter gets delayed, I rarely notice, unless the translator points it out (like here).

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  1. That’s unfortunate.
    Admittedly I didn’t assume that there was a schedule and so just enjoyed the chapters on a “Sweet, new chapter” basis.

    Thanks for the update.


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