Gentle Demon has been picked up!

Hello people, it’s been a while. Just so you know, after a bit of discussion (here), Gentle Demon has been picked up by someone else. I’ll be tagging V1C10 here as well as on the site’s page and navigation-bar-thing, but the rest should be found at Moon Bunny Cafe.

As for the progress reports on Sword-shisho and Undead Life (?), the former I’m not motivated to translate at the moment (although someone else may be translating it themselves), and the latter I’m simply too lazy to reformat for now. Anyways. That’s all!


8 thoughts on “Gentle Demon has been picked up!”

  1. Thanks for the translations so far. After I read about you dropping the project, I immediately tried to download the translator, but had a bunch of issues. The link you gave led to a forum which I couldnt download the translator from, and so I got it from somewhere else and so when I tried to download Jparser, It didnt work because of unknown reasons, it might have to do with versions, but i dont know what versions go with what…Im also not sure what that does either. I got a bit confused on what they all do.

    Do you have more suggestions on how to translate a good novel like you? I literally copy the text and it shows on the translation aggregator, but then im not sure what else you do. It just shows translations in diff versions. Right now I use LEC Online and Honyaku to read the english ver of it, Mecab for the romaji….thats all. The translations not great, but I can understand a bit of whats going on. But the details would be important here, and where im kinda stuck. If I am too much of a bother, I apologize, you can ignore this msg.

    Thanks anyways for the tip off! :]


    1. Ahh. Well, for Translating my setup looks like this:

      The best use of Aggregator is using every system possible for it, comparing all the Machine Translations, and making some sort of sense out of it… So use everything you can, and it’ll make a bit more sense. Google doesn’t seem to be working with Aggregator for my version, but eh.

      For Dictionaries, you have to go to the folder that the Aggregator is located in, and plop the dictionary into a ‘dictionary’ folder. My Aggregator folder looks like this:

      I’m not sure whether I had to make the dictionaries folder myself or not… But there should have been instructions for that sort of stuff alongside the Aggregator Download, so take a thorough look.

      As for using the Aggregator, just paste in the text into the ‘Original Text’ box (Translator Assistant should auto-grab the text for you, making the ‘Copy’ part unneeded, but if the download for that is weird then it’s no big deal: just C&P manually), then press the double-arrow.

      For translating in general… First, try to look at the entire SENTANCE and try to make sense of it. If it doesn’t make sense, try translating the parts separated by COMMAS — split up the work to make it easier to digest, in other words. Translator Assistant makes that really easy, because you just have to go CTRL+arrow-key to shift between comma-spaces. If a line still doesn’t make any sense, use the dictionaries for every single compound — just hover over the characters and a list of options should pop up. Pick what fits best, and leave a footnote. Also, as you go on you might want to come back to that line, as the context might help out.

      Keep at it, and do your best!

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    1. Fufufufu…

      Well, as I’ve said before, I never really ‘picked up’ Sword-shisho. I just pushed it along out of boredom & selfish desire to see more chapters. My desire is sated for now, that’s all.

      mllhild said they’d be willing to work on it here though.


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