Sword-shisho C33 is here!

It’s the chapter before all the action. Probably. I can’t exactly read ahead to find out…

Here it is!


12 thoughts on “Sword-shisho C33 is here!”

  1. Thanks for the chapter. I was hoping for another beat down but maybe she will decide against saving them in the future raid. fingers crossed


  2. While that’s way you should try to be 3 or so for chapters ahead of you posts, plus it’s fun to see how close the comment section come to what actually happens and you have wiggle room to be lazy some days.


    1. Ehh. But I’m really just translating this for myself.

      You guys get to read as an added bonus, but that’s the core reason I started translating. That’s why, if I don’t want to read it, or If I’m too busy to do so, no chapters will be released.


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