Sword-shisho C31: Almost a side chapter, I think!

Chapter’s here! Next chapter’s a side chapter from Fran’s perspective, so look forward to it!

As a random side note, for whatever reason I’ve been sleeping a bit more every day recently… I’ve heard of some sort of disease that some important guy died that was similar, so it’s kind of foreboding. He just slept a bit more each day until he was sleeping for full-on 24 hours.

If I have that, RIP me. That or make me a Demon. Either way, bury me with my pillow.


13 thoughts on “Sword-shisho C31: Almost a side chapter, I think!”

  1. Well … if it isn’t that you’re just suffering from too much stress or are mentaly exhausted … then it could also be some heart-related issue (it’s going to be summer soon and the weather in some parts of the world – like Germany – is kind of whimscial right now) … if that’s the case and you’re lucky, it#s only something Low blood pressure or (though that’s slightly more unpleasant) Mitral insufficiency … if you got the short end of the stick, it might actually be something like a developing heart insuffiency/heart failure.


  2. About that next chapter: Side story, Fran went to the bathhouse. So, there’s a mofumimi in the bathhouse, and it’s our female MC. I can’t think of a lecherous onee-san in the story so far, but….

    Should I be concerned?


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