Sword-shisho C20 is finished!

Out of the darkness of night, a mysterious figure appears! Turning its head, the protagonist (you) recognises them! It’s a release! A release that appears — as always — late at night (for whatever reason)!

It’s a bad habit, alright?

Anyways, here’s the chapter.Also, I didn’t end up working on anything but this chapter today.

technically had enough time to work on Gentle Demon and maybe even another chapter of Sword-shisho but… I was suffering from Hype implosion.

Tree of Savior’s F2P launch was pushed back to May 10th, after all…

There’s a lot of ranting going on due to that, but to me it’s just more time to spend bored, so I just vented my frustration playing other games for a bit. Then, I did this.

Because someone will likely say something like “I guess that means you’ll be bored for a while longer, huh~? (MOAR CHAPTERS PL0X)” I’ll go ahead and preemptively affirm that suspicion.

If I want to, that is.

Tehepero. ((Reza, please don’t hurt me. ; -;))


8 thoughts on “Sword-shisho C20 is finished!”

  1. lol. Funny, haha~ XD!
    Anyway, Tree of Savior, lol, when you’ve been really expecting to play it then got pushed back, hah~! Now that I can sympathize… T_T

    — Anyway, thanks for the chapter~ ^^.


  2. tree of savior eh? spare yourself the disappointment , stay bored and translate more

    this is ofc a totally neutral advise where my interests played no part at all, none at all!

    (also I am sure you crave now some fluffy lazy demoness, dont let me stop you by all means, gogo and translate to my… *cough* your hearts content) 😉


    1. Ehh~

      I think ToS will be quite interesting… For a while. It seems like the type of game I’d pick up, play non-stop for like… 3 days, then drop for about half a year.

      Then I’d pick it up again, and the cycle would repeat.

      As for Gentle Demon… It’ll come.




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