Ehm… Should I be making Posts whenever I translate a Chapter?

Other TL’s do that, so I always figured it was like some sort of reward for anyone that followed them directly, but… Well… I update Novel Updates as soon as I release a translated chapter (unless it’s in parts, then I’ll wait ’till it’s 100% done), so I didn’t think it was really necessary.

In fact, I still don’t.

But, rather than me making the decision all on my lonesome, I figure I might as well ask you fellow (web)novel-readers what you’d prefer.

Update via Post? Or just wait ’till whatever-you-watch-for-updates catches on?


16 thoughts on “Ehm… Should I be making Posts whenever I translate a Chapter?”

  1. Personally I’d prefer via post, as I follow a lot of things via RSS feed on my phone and not on novelupdates.

    Having said that feel free to update however you want, I’m just a dirty leacher


    1. Leechers take up more than half of the population, though~

      I was also one up until recently, so even if it’s just SLIGHTLY more convenient, I’d like to implement it.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  2. Update via posts please~

    Not only can you mumble and write some longer author/TL notes and afterwards put “you can find the chapter here -insert link here-”
    But us readers can enjoy your mumblings and stay more up to date with chapters and news because not everyone follows things like “novel updates”.

    Plus personally, I think it’s better to watch blogs because it’s more personal and supportive to the Tl/author/group then it is to just camp on novel updates and leech senselessly.

    (hope I’m not the only one voicing my opinion like last time ewe; come on speak up guys)

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  3. Yup, that’s true.. I feel more happier when there’s a post as I think it’s more lively and all, when I just find it in “novel updates” it’s kinda anti climatic… It’s more like a surprise when I see it in the posts, making me happy and all.

    Anyway though, I’m fine either way.


  4. Yes, chapter updates via posts please. I follow a lot of series and my RSS feed is my main source for visiting sites, NovelUpdates is my backup. It’s easier for me to miss chapter releases on NU because of that.


  5. While I do check novelupdates regularly, I don’t always catch some chapters that way. Incredibly easy to miss something there, posts like these give me notifications and whatnot via my email. Much easier.

    Putting practicality aside, I do enjoy rambling nonsense on top of news, being a rambling nonsense guy myself. Update posts are handy for all my rambling needs. And if you don’t have anything to say in regards to rambling, just tell us all we are all disgusting, leeching insects not worthy of your consideration.


    1. Ehhhh~ I couldn’t call you guys disgusting! I was a leecher just last month, y’know? I think of all of you as my fellow (web)novel enthusiasts!

      Anyways. At this point, it’s pretty much been decided that I’ll update via Posts from now on, huh~?

      Thanks for your response!


  6. Honestly i’m happy with either. I mostly get my updates from novelupdates but for novels not on the site like you’r personal project it would be more convenient with the posts. On a different note is there any reason that novelupdates don’t have a section for tales written in non Asian languages? It to me is a shame that more people cant be exposed to such works in the same fashion.


    1. Hmm~ I wondered myself why it was that Novelupdates only took in a certain type of translation, but… Well, in the end I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a big deal.

      If you look at the grand scheme of things, there’re already a lot of sites that host Western works, so even if they don’t become a universal hub they’ll still be able to satisfy their users needs.

      Ah, also on the note of “universal hubs” — the reason might be related to the fact that their servers might get overloaded if they take in Novels/Webnovels of all languages, right?

      As for Posts, I’ll be doin’ it! Thanks for the response!


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