Regarding ALL the chapters!

Because there’re a couple things to note on in the next couple of chapters, I figure I might as well bring them to your guys’ attention ahead of time, so here’s the status of ALL the things!

※ ※ ※

Undead Life(?): S1 and V1C4

This is my own work, for those who don’t know. Regarding its lack of updates: blame my priorities.

S1 will come out eventually, I think I’ll just release V1C4 without putting it in just yet. It’s “S” for “Supplementary”, so it’s not exactly necessary to have it right away (or possibly even at all). That being the case, continuing to post chapters and just releasing S1 when it’s finished is the best idea, I think.

Gentle Demon: V1C8

It’s long — even longer than that other long chapter. It ends at almost 500 lines (some of which contain several whole sentences — almost paragraphs alone, even). It’s like… 5 Sword-shisho chapters clumped together, if that helps putting it into perspective.

The vocab is also, once again, quite difficult, so… Yeah. Don’t expect that for a couple of days minimum.

Sword-shisho: C19

The next chapter is also a bit long, ending at 241 lines. That’s about 1.5 times the length of normal, so… Considering the fact that the Vocab’ll be easier, it’s likely possible to complete it today alone, but we’ll see~!

※ ※ ※

Oh. Also, I’m not sure whether you’ve heard of it or not, but Tree of Savior will be going F2P tomorrow, so I’ll be trying that out tomorrow — just saying that in advance in case I get completely addicted and don’t update tomorrow.


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