Welcome to Ensig’s Writings.

This is where I, Ensig, will record my writings/translations for the world to see. You’re welcome to read them at your leisure, so long as some technological wizardry doesn’t muck everything up and stop everyone from accessing the posts.

I also have an account on Royal Road, my Profile can be found here. Most of the content that I publish there will be here as well, with the exception of things like Status Updates and such.
That being said, I prefer Royal Road’s formatting options over WordPress’, so it may be a better idea to read there… But that’s really up to you, sir/madam.

Each Story I write (of which there is currently One) will have its own category, so you can use the Widget/sidebar/thingy-on-the-right to access them at any time.
For now, as I’m just getting used to WordPress, the setup isn’t optimal, so if anyone has any pointers I’d be glad to hear them.

It’s the same with Translations, but note that I’m doing MACHINE TRANSLATIONS, so don’t expect 100% accuracy and/or perfection!

Just in case things have gone terribly wrong, you may access the main pages here:



Demon Noble Girl ~Tale of a Gentle Demon~


31 thoughts on “Welcome to Ensig’s Writings.”

      1. Ensig,

        You seem to be quite busy with your personal work, so I’m curious of whether you would like me to take Gentle Demon off your hands. I’ve been translating it for my own use and figured if you gave your permission, I could get those angry masses angry at me, rather than you.

        Let me know, Thanks.


  1. Do you want help with Sword-shisho? I’m not anywhere near fluent in Japanese, but its enough to read the story with help from dictionaries.

    I’m currently at around chapter 130 and Fran is keeping me well entertained. The author keeps his small problems like information dumps and little world building, but they are actually quite fitting when I think that Shisho can talk to no one but the silent Fran(therefore keeps talking to himself in a somewhat defuse manner) and they also don’t got to travel this much(3th to 4th city) until now.

    If you don’t reply in obediently in the next 5 seconds Fran will interrogate you. 🙂


    1. Heeeh. Truth be told, I’m not exactly motivated to Translate anything at the moment, which is why the translations have stopped.

      If I get bored and really want to see some Sword-shisho again, then I’ll start up at that time, but… Until then, it’s probably best to go look for a different translator to take on the series.


                  1. How did you know I can read Portuguese? If you happen to pass by at the Unicamp in Campinas say hello.

                    Well anyway, here the reasons.
                    1. The tone in witch the characters speak is lost with the MTL.
                    2. To know when it got something wrong you need to read the raws anyways
                    3. Words with multiple meanings or with depend upon the conjugation of later words or even words in different phrases are often wrong.
                    4. Fixed expressions and the like also often go wrong.

                    As addition, if you are reading with google translate then I suggest you download “Translation Aggregator” and use the Honyako translator inside it, its better than google translate since its a specialized one for jap/eng.


                    1. I did not know that talked Portuguese, I am from BrazilI understand, but good if you speak Japanese translation is betterI read in-pt and jap-pt


        1. 34 has been edited. Not sure whether you wanted to post it on a site of your own, or if you wanted me to host it, so it’ll be sitting in Google Docs ’till you respond. You might notice the things in <>s — those are just so that it’s compatible with WordPress. Any formatting done on a Doc is lost when it’s transferred, so it’s for the sake of convenience.

          Ah, I also edited the Cheat-sheet thing and put in all of the translations I’ve amassed on Aggregator for Sword-shisho, so if you want to put those into your Aggregator, go ahead.


          1. Thanks for filling out the cheat sheet so that I can stay with what you defined. I didn’t even know of this feature of Aggregator.

            Ah, and the chapter 34 which you edited was still incomplete. Most of the time I don’t have the time to translate a entire chapter in one go, so I usually move the chapters which I finished translating to the edit folder.

            As for posting, I think its better if you host it since you already have a page for translations and I don’t.

            Oh and by the way, what is this terrible book cover at NU? It looks nothing like the description in the WN. Seems like they will trash the story quite a bit in the LN version.


            1. Well, technically all of those terms were on ‘Translator Assistant’, but yeah, Aggregator has auto-translate stuff, which is convenient for Skills, Names, and Locations, but isn’t recommended for just about anything else.

              I’ll check back on the TL every so often (vague promise is vague), so I’ll just add on the not-yet-translated bits as they’re completed.

              As for the pics… I actually kinda like it. I’ll also need to post the images here, huh.


  2. Hello Ensign, I’m just translating a part of the Data chapter and looks like the Arts and Technique naming we have used until now has to be switched. Since jutsu refers to the technical skill with the weapon and waza refers to the special attacks. Also waza can’t ever be higher than jutsu. This also means that you always have to get jutsu first, therefore can’t have waza alone. I will look throu the chapters in google docs and see if something is wrong there.


    1. Just occurred to me that we could just as well leave it as it is and just switch around it in the Data chapter. This is easier so lets do this, not that anyone would ever notice it anyway.


      1. Yeah, just switch ’em in the data.

        Part of the reason I have Sword Techniques & Arts the way they are is because I personally find it easier to understand that sword-skill things (like Aura・Blade) are from Techniques rather than Arts.


        1. OK, then we go with
          Arts = basic understanding and general handling of weapon
          Techniques = the fancy stuff

          Oh and chapter 44 and 45 are ready for edit


      1. Hey Ensig, this is gonna be weird but you and Undead Life have never really left my mind since you stopped posting, so even though I don’t expect you to start posting again or whatever, cuz you’ve clearly moved on with your life, I just wanted to let you know that you have a few strangers wishing you well.


        1. Funny you should mention that… Lately, thoughts of my story have been popping up continuously. Yesterday I came up with an improved theory for the existence of Ether and its relation to Greater Gods, for example. Most thoughts are Lore-specific, or explanations that might never reach anyone’s eyes but my own, but they’re ideas nonetheless.

          I haven’t really written in a while, and school needs to remain my top priority (I’m spending money on it, after all), but I can feel the urge to write bubbling up inside again.

          I don’t mean to get your hopes up, but… Well, I can’t deny my desire to continue this story.

          Thank you for your thoughts, and for sharing them with me.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Could you please change the colour coding on your website?
    White text on black background or black text on white background please.
    I normally use a colour swaping app to switch the normal black text to white background but as I prefer black background (its easier on my eyes). But that app does not work here. 😦


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