I’m coming for you, Sword-shisho…

I won’t be putting in a Sword-shisho chap. today. I am bored, but I’m equally tired. I also need to go through all of the chapter raws and find out whether any mentions of “Demonic Beasts” should actually be “Monsters” and change them accordingly.

And then I’ll need to make the first supplementary chapter for my own work, because I’ve been putting it off waaaaaaaaay too long!

So yeah. That’s the plan.


— Oh, actually, before I forget, earlier today a message popped up on my computer saying that there was some sort of Hard Drive failure thing. I know nothing of that subject, so I can’t be specific (because I didn’t write any of it down).

After resetting, the message hasn’t popped back up, so it may have solved itself, but…

In the case that I’m lost to the abyss due to my computer dying of cyber-cancer, you’ll know the reason.



5 thoughts on “I’m coming for you, Sword-shisho…”

  1. time to consider changing the hard drive. you wouldn’t want to loose important files. that looks pretty serious.
    especially since the computer says hard drive failure.


    1. Would if I could, but I don’t have the knowledge nor money to replace it.

      I stored any important files on a USB as well as an SD card, so if my computer really DOES end up dying, I’ll just wait ’till I get enough money to replace it, and do it then.

      As I said, there’ve been no error messages since, so it could have just been a weird startup.

      I’m hoping that’s the case, at least!


  2. I’d suggest you use CrystalDiskInfo to find out whether anything is seriously wrong, and I guess back up any important files. (As for which version you should use, just pick the “Portable” version of the Standard Edition, since that one doesn’t require installation and doesn’t have any bloat.)

    It basically shows any errors your hard drive has detected (both in terms of mechanical failures and file corruption) and gives a general indicator of its health. (Though it obviously isn’t perfect, since it relies on the hard drive’s own reports.)


    1. Ohh. Thanks for the link!

      I’ll get it and see what’s wrong, but I don’t have any money at the moment to replace anything, so if my computer dies, it’ll take a while to get back online.

      I’ve already backed up the important stuff, though, so no need to worry on that part~!


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