Oh boy, here we go.

So. While I was making adjustments to the collapsible category/menu/thing, I discovered something.

It’s not related to the thingy. It’s related to a certain thing I’ve been translating… A lot.

Demonic Beasts/Demons/etc.

Turns out… Those’re different. Yep. I didn’t know. Forgive my ignorance. I’m just a MTL’r. My Machines only sort of know what Japanese is supposed to become in English, and there’s no way I’d be able to catch onto the differences in characters so long as the terms weren’t mentioned side-by-side. Which they haven’t been.

… I think.

I discovered this fact reading over some of the comments in MegaCarp’s TL of Gentle Demon — here. Since I don’t know how to link to the exact comment, it’s just the conversation that Animeplex started.

To sum the whole thread up, 悪魔 ≠ 魔神, and those two also don’t  = 魔族 or 魔物. That’s “Demon” “Devil” “Outcast-demon-things” and “Monster” respectively. They can be synonymous, but not always. I think.

And so, for the sake of accuracy, because I might have translated things wrong I’ll be going through aaaaaall the chapters I’ve translated. I’ll find out which one(s) were mentioned, and change the chapter accordingly.

Sounds fun, amiright~?

I have the sneaking suspicion that all of the “Demonic Beasts” in Sword-shisho will mysteriously become “Monsters”, but I have yet to know for sure; that’s the main reason why I’ll be doing this. I’ll be sleeping first, though.

I’ll mention this Post in the next chapter of Sword-shisho and Gentle Demon… Whenever they’re finished, that is.


10 thoughts on “Oh boy, here we go.”

  1. Thank you for your hard work. If i may say something, that guy is an idiot. In western culture there is only 1 devil, Devil is Lucifer, Satan, it is not a race nor a species. I dont know about japanese, but if the word describe an evil spirit from another world, it would similar to a demon, not Devil.


      1. With all due respect to japanese culture, they don’t have concept of demon or devil or contract either. We translate those words to english and the closest thing is demon, not devil cause reason above. You can use fiend or fae as substitutes though I’m not sure how it work. If s.o comes and says a earth or earths, it would be ridiculous.


        1. Well, considering the fact that it’s been brought over from the West, I wouldn’t say that they don’t have the concept of Demons/The Devil/Contracts.

          Because I looked a bit deeper into the characters used to make up 魔神 I found that it could really be translated as “Demon God” if you just split “魔” into “ま” and “神” into “じん”.

          In that case, it could be said that the Japanese equivalent to the “Devil” is “The God of Demons” or otherwise “Malevolent Deity” — essentially the strongest and/or leader-of the Demons, or Spirits or what have you. If that’s the case, then it’d make sense, right? Seeing as the Devil in the West is just that — the leader of the Demons.

          With that, 悪魔 and 魔神 would be SIMILAR to one another in that they revolve around “Demons” (or at least they would in this case), but 魔神 would refer to a very specific KIND of Demon (i.e. One with much more authority/power than regular Demons).

          But still, my understanding isn’t at 100% on this subject, so this is really just my best guess at this point. Once it’s all figured out, I’ll properly implement it.


          1. I am not sure. Because the different in culture,悪魔 this just mean evil spirit which can understand as demon. 魔神 as you said demon leader which could be devil. However the old translator did not use devil because 魔神 is a title , it’s like demon god or demon king, while devil is only for Lucifer. I won’t bother you anymore, just have fun, don’t worry about it cause there is no correct answer to it. Ot is best if we can adopt their word like they did with english


            1. Mhm~

              I figured it might be something like that, but I’m goin’ through all of this to be sure.

              Ah, also, 魔神 would only be applicable as a “Demon God” — Demon King would be 魔王!

              Weeew! I know a single Japanese character! 王 = King!

              And now you do too! The power of learning~!


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