Another long Chapter, oh boy~!

Once again, there’s a long chapter.

Because I don’t can’t read ahead I’m not sure whether this’ll become the norm from here on out, either.

Once again: Want it in parts, or as a whole?

Even if it’s in parts, all I’ll do is make a single page and denounce one part “Part x” and add one until the parts make a whole — whereas I’ll erase all of the mentions of parts entirely. ⟵ That was a lot of “parts”, huh~?

As for the exact details of the chapter: there’re 387 lines, and I’m suspecting the finished product will have ~3,000 words in the end. Then again, there could just be a lot of short one-word sentences from Neko-sis. *shrug*

I’ll be eagerly expecting your replies~


2 thoughts on “Another long Chapter, oh boy~!”

    1. Alright~

      And no problem!
      If chapters become this length every time, I’ll probably just split them into parts without giving options, but ’cause this seems to be an “exception” for now, I figured I might as well ask you guys.

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