Do you even Translate, bro?

Just a note about the next chapter of Sword-bro (Chapter 9), it’s a waaaay longer than the length of all the chapters I’ve translated thus far.

And so, to you who’s reading this, would you like me to split it up into parts, or wait until I’ve translated all of it? If you want parts, do you want it in thirds, or halves?

Just to put it into perspective, Chapter 8 had 182 lines and 1,170 words before I put it into the proofreading phase (which I only get to once the chapter’s 100% complete).

Chapter 9 has 373 lines, and although I’ve completed 37% of it at this point, I’ve already reached 1,595 words.


If it wasn’t so long, I’d have released another chapter in my boredom already. That being said, it’ll end up being a little less than one whole chapter of Gentle Demon. (Those chapters are long, m8’s)

If there’s no preference on what form you want to receive the Chapter in, I’ll just translate it completely before releasing — if only for the sake of not splitting up the HTMLs.


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