50 Shades of — wait, that’s a bad reference, don’t hurt me.

I’ve changed the shade of the site’s Background (kept the Header the same, though) as to make things on the site easier to read for those using Mobile Devices.

If someone who uses said Devices could compare Before and After for me, I’d greatly appreciate it.

As an added bonus, if they think it could be a little darker, then telling me so’d be excellent, as the new shade is already teetering on the edge of what I’d be able to deal with while editing late at night.

Thanks in advance~


6 thoughts on “50 Shades of — wait, that’s a bad reference, don’t hurt me.”

  1. The after is perfect, in contrast with the previous that was a bit stressful to my eyes, but I wouldn’t mind if you make it a bit darker in order to help you working on it, and also thanks for the chapter


    1. No problem~

      Also, as for helping me work on it… I usually work on plain old Notepad combined with a bunch of translating tools, so the shade doesn’t inhibit the translation process, per-se… It’s just uncomfortable when I actually end up posting the chapters.

      There’s also the Proofreading stage which I do here… But that usually doesn’t take long.

      And so, if this shade’s alright, I’ll keep it as-is! Thanks for the response!

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  2. Why not translate at the contrast best for your eyes then upload it with the after contrast for us mobile devices? If that is not possible then I fully retract my stat


    1. That’d be possible, but I’d have to do the following stuff:

      1. Change the color
      2. Make the page in order to paste in my translation from Notepad & Edit
      3. Before Editing, revert the color to the new shade
      4. Finish

      So… It’s not like that’d be hard, but I’m lazy, y’know~?

      Thanks for the suggestion though!


  3. Yes, thank you very much.
    It’s perfectly readable and I’m glad if the change doesn’t make you uncomfortable, I’m fine if you want to darken it a bit more too.
    Thanks once again.


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